Why France should be your top boating choice.

Welcome to the world of sailing. You may already be familiar or you may be brand new to it. Either way, allow me to discuss why you need to consider renting a boat in France to fully indulge whilst on holiday.

Why boating?

There are many different ways to holiday. You might find yourself stuck, overwhelmed with too much choice. Or perhaps you have fallen into a pattern of doing the same thing every time you book a trip away. Either way, boating is the perfect way to totally immerse yourself in the natural beauty of your getaway destination. In this article, we will dive into why a boat rental in France should be on your radar for your next getaway.

Why France?

If you need any convincing that France is the place to be, you only need to take a look at the sheer popularity of the country as a holiday destination. France is the most visited destination in the world with the European country welcoming an average of 90 million tourists every year. Rich with fascinating culture, beautiful beaches and picturesque countryside, there’s something there for everyone. Not to mention, France triumphs no matter the season. In summer it offers glorious heat while in winter it’s a popular location for skiing. With an iconic capital city and delectable food and wine, it’s difficult to think of a reason why France wouldn’t be a good fit for holidaying.

In relation to boat rentals, France is a great choice for this. However, Samboat recommends booking as far in advance as possible since summer charters are well underway by March of the same year with half of them being fully booked up due to high demand.

Where in France?

As previously mentioned, France is an excellent choice when it comes to booking a boating holiday with the sailing season running from May through to October. It provides a vast array of incredible locations and coasts to choose from.

Of course, the Mediterranean should definitely be involved in your search. Travel to the island of Corsica, the fourth largest Mediterranean island. This French island has retained an element of Italian culture, making it a beautifully unique location. The mesmerising landscapes have birthed the nickname “The Island of Beauty” so perhaps it would be foolish to miss out on the breathtaking opportunity to see it with your own eyes.

The French Riviera is a prime sailing destination and popular for yacht charters. It’s a place of viewing luxury and unique sights, known for attracting the rich and famous. If you’re searching for a dash of glamour in your life, then this could be the destination for you.

Another fabulous choice is Brittany. Known for its historical monuments and its hilly region, Brittany is a mountainous peninsula and a fantastic sailing destination, with character and intrigue.

If the main event, the capital city, is what you desire then you can hire a boat in Paris for the opportunity to drink in the famous sights and locations. Discover why so many have “the city of love” on their bucket lists, leveled up with the added experience of sailing.

This is just a few of the several possible locations in France to choose from. Each option is different from another yet all equally as stunning in their own special way.

What boat should I rent?

Fortunately, there are multiple options when it comes to boating so it’s highly unlikely that you won’t be able to find a boat to fit the type of holiday that you dream of. Let’s talk through your potential options.

A catamaran charter is the best choice if you are traveling with a group of family or friends since the living spaces in a catamaran are highly accommodating in this aspect. This makes them perfect for if you are planning to holiday with a small group of your close friends or family. They’re the ideal choice for exploring the coastline and discovering a love for the stunning waters.

If you are a child at heart who desires fun activities within the soul of your trip, you may want to pick a motor boat for your rental. They allow you the option of watersports, fishing, and access to any toys available. There’s no better time to let your hair down and get your blood pumping than when in the water. Keep boredom at bay and give in to your inner youth.

If you are indecisive when it comes to picking a beautiful destination, don’t fear. With a sailboat, you can fully appreciate the gorgeous blue waters in all their glory. It’s easy to find a boat that fits into your budget and requirements, giving you the ultimate holiday.

Samboat also offers canal boat hire. Drifting down a river, surrounded with gorgeous scenery is not merely a dream but your potential reality.

Often there is the choice to rent a boat with or without a skipper. However, when renting a bareboat, it’s important to be aware of the regional licensing laws. When renting a sailboat, a license is not mandatory but you must provide a nautical CV that includes your prior experience. However, a license is mandatory when renting a motor boat. Although this does not apply if you are renting a canal boat or a boat with less than 6hp.

If these options feel like they’re lacking the rich indulgence that you are searching for, perhaps it’s time to entertain luxury yacht rentals. This may not be a form of boating that is necessarily available to everyone, but it’s certainly an experience that everyone should get to indulge in during their lifetime. If you want a true VIP event, you can request a full yacht crew to graciously attend to your every need and desire. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more private and intimate affair, you can simply opt for a skipper instead. Furthermore, you can choose to stay on the dock if you have more interest in luxury as opposed to sailing itself.

How do I hire a boat?

With the option to rent a boat online in just a few clicks, sailing has never been more accessible. Type in ‘Boat rental France’ into your desired search engine and scroll until you find On their site, you can amend your search results based on date, location, the type of boat and the type of rental. This should present you with a list of boats that fit your needs.

All you need to do is make a rental request online based on your personal preferences and requirements and then confirm your booking. Samboat makes the process incredibly simple as their website is available in 6 languages. With so many options at your fingertips and flexible cancellation available, there’s little reason not to take the plunge. With waters that are as beautiful as the land between them, it would be an awful waste to not seize the opportunity whilst you can and experience the wondrous adventure for yourself.

Furthermore, the site includes in depth information for various locations, giving you an insight to what each destination holds and what to expect based on the time of year. You will leave for your trip feeling well informed and fully prepared for what your exciting holiday has in store for you. Get booking now and enjoy the getaway of a lifetime.

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