Why Is Montessori One of the Best Educational Methods?

Springvale is a suburb within Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. It is about 22 km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district. In 2016, the population had about 21,714. This suburb occupies about 11.2 km2 and is one of the large suburbs in Melbourne.

Although the population is small, a census in 2011 found out that 69% is composed of residents born overseas, more than double the metropolitan area, which is 33%. Some of the people that live in Springvale come from Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and China.

Many different races live in Springvale, but different they may be, if they are parents, then they all hope to find an educational program best suited for their children. Every parent knows that children’s development and learning are heavily impacted by the things they learn while they are children. If you want the best educational program for your children, then consider enrolling your child in a school that uses the Montessori Method. Schools following Montessori in Springvale is now available for your children to be enrolled, but before all that, you should understand what the Montessori method is and what it can do to help your child.

What Is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method is an educational method focusing on hands-on learning, individually-directed activities, and collective play. Montessori classrooms help children create their own choices in learning while being guided by a trained teacher. Children work individually or in groups to discover what the world is and lets them develop their potential.

Children Become More Capable

Montessori classrooms are designed for children to have opportunities to develop their capabilities. Be it on how they dress themselves, solve math problems, communicate their needs effectively, or solve problems with other children, each classroom will be filled with activities that will make them develop these skills properly.

The teacher will then prepare a classroom for a particular activity. Each student will have the freedom to choose what kind of activities they would like to do. By allowing children the freedom to choose based on their internal motivation, your child will have a strong foundation on the skills they are most capable of.

Children Become More Accountable

Since children have activities presented to them individually, they can progress at their own pace. They will then be given the opportunity to either practice, move forward or review the activity. If they learn on their own, they will also know how to be accountable for their knowledge.

In the Montessori Method of education, children learn to self-correct and self-assess their knowledge and capabilities. So when your child grows up, they can be critical at their work and become expert at recognizing and correcting their errors.

Children Will Have a Sense of Self

Since a Montessori class is generally composed of students that span three years, children who are over three years old help those in need and begin to understand they are in a community. They already have experience since they are older, so they have a choice if they want to help their younger peers.

Children are given independence but also have the opportunity to help and work in groups. Being independent and pursuing one’s goals and desires for the community creates a good foundation of their sense of self, giving them pride in their individuality.

The early days of learning for a child are important for their development. Schools following Montessori in Springvale is there to help you with your child’s education so enrol your child now so that they will have a bright future ahead.

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