Why is recruitment software indispensable in modern recruiting?

In 2021, recruitment firms must work with a suitable recruitment software partner if they want to achieve success in the modern hiring process. Regardless of the services offered by the staffing agencies – placing permanent, temporary or senior executive candidates – every recruiting firm must utilise the benefits offered by recruitment CRM platforms.

The value of recruiting platforms

Permanent and temporary recruiting are different to executive search. The first two focus on junior and mid-level professionals while an executive search is all about senior and C-suite executives. Executive recruiters utilise executive search software to find top tier executives for their clients.

But all three types of hiring require the support of recruitment software. The main objective of CRM software is to ensure that recruiters have a streamlined workflow, reduce their administrative workload, and focus on networking.

With a good recruitment agency software system, recruiters and their agencies can effortlessly work smarter and better. This, in turn, leads them to deliver quality service and earn a trustworthy market reputation. Business development flourishes as long as recruiters have the right software partner.

What recruitment software offers agencies

  • Easy hiring of quality candidates

One of the elements of modern hiring is to ensure that all the potential candidates are identified. This includes passive candidates. So using recruitment CRM software helps recruiters source quality applicants, both active and passive. The first step in talent sourcing is usually social media platforms like LinkedIn. But there are limitations in LinkedIn as well.

But recruiters who use a good recruitment platform have the right tool to dig deeper to find candidates who truly fit the position being advertised. Hiring the wrong person is costly. It affects the company’s morale, the other employees, and also requires additional spending to recruit a new candidate.

Sourcing skilled candidates is easier when recruiters use the software as it enables them to quickly parse through CVs, collate candidate information easily, and filter suitable applicants. Instead of weeks to accomplish a simple task, they can quickly complete it within a few minutes and move on to something else.

  • Less admin work, more networking

Administrative work seems inevitable in recruiting. But it doesn’t have to take a large chunk of a recruiter’s day as it does. Leveraging the power of CRM software, recruiters can organise and streamline their workflow, and discover ways to complete tasks quickly and more effectively.

The productivity hike recruiters experience after they start using the CRM software is massive. Learning to use the software effectively is a huge boost that positively impacts every aspect of their work. As they acquire newer and smarter ways of conducting their business, it makes them more productive.

They can focus entirely on networking and talent sourcing which are extremely crucial in recruitment. The main objective is to cultivate beneficial relationships and find top talents which are made possible and easier via recruitment platform.

Modern recruiting and recruitment software

The right recruitment agency software offers several different features and functionality. Each of these is designed to enhance the way recruiters work and hire skilled candidates today.

  • Video interviews
  • Skills assessment tests
  • Compliance checks
  • Communications

These are just some of the few ways recruitment CRM software benefits recruiters in modern recruiting. Ever since the global outbreak, hiring and staffing firms have had to resort to video interviews in place of face-to-face ones. Skills assessment tests have shifted online so recruiters have skills testing software to depend on.

From GDPR and IR35 to right-to-work requirement, compliance checks are mandatory. Agencies are expected to carry out these checks carefully and also expeditiously. But since these legal regulations are quite complicated, it is better to depend on CRM software systems to ensure everything is thoroughly checked.

Communication is one of the principal aspects of every kind of business. And recruitment, which is people-focused, needs to have a strong communication system that is candidate focused. With the use of recruitment platform, communication becomes easier which helps strengthen the relationship with candidates. For instance, sending interview tips, responding quickly to emails and text messages, sending interview reminders, etc., make applicants feel cared for which they appreciate.

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