why sales managers are turning towards AI

Everyone wants more sales and profits in their job. Every company works on different ideas to find more leads and close more deals. Some companies are trying out a new approach: AI. 

Businesses use different software to schedule meetings, organize contacts, write and send emails, remind sales teams about outreach, and more. AI can go above and beyond to help your sales team become more effective. 

Help close deals

Certain behaviors close deals and AI can help find them. AI can find out which among your sales team are closing the most deals. It will give you insights regarding what the particular person is doing so other team members can follow the same. And some software can even record calls and gather emails to identify exactly what language or action is closing deals after studying different types of customer interactions.

Train the sales team

Sales are both an art and science. Often, sales managers are too busy to train their teams, and studies show reinforced training develops the most high-performing employees over time. To help with the training program, AI programs can assist sales managers at various stages. 

Critique performance

AI can identify salespeople’s strong and weak points by analyzing their behavior and interaction on calls with their customers. It also helps in identifying every person’s challenges. 

Evaluate prospects

AI can also identify customer’s behavior that indicates that the prospect is a warmer lead. But what if your sales team started with leads that are already good prospects? By analyzing customer’s behavior, AI can identify whether someone is actively searching for the tool or solution you offer. Based on buying signals, sales reps can prioritize leads and put their efforts in the most profitable place. 

Analyze customers

In sales, customer insights are quite important. By studying customer behavior, AI can tell if a person is a good lead. If she fits the category, providing insights to your team members leads to a stronger connection and better customer service. 

Keep things warm

It’s essential to analyze a deal when it’s not working and figure out why it isn’t working. Your CRM software alerts you that an opportunity is growing cold. But it’s crucial to understand why it didn’t work out? AI can help you evaluate those answers to help your team understand the issue.  

Find leads

AI can help you scrape data and crunch it to help your team find and serve leads. According to a source, more than 40% of salespeople mention that prospecting is the most challenging part of their job. Buying lists is not always profitable. Even if you can find valuable data, more than 50% don’t want to hear from you. But AI can smoothen the process by learning people’s behavior of people who buy your products and find them for you.

Maintain other systems

Salespeople often have to enter the data into the CRM to gather insights from the data. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task. AI can free up your time by managing this menial task so that you can do other work. 

Manage conversations

AI in the form of chatbots can manage conversations for you. Customer service staff and the sales team have to answer common questions again and again. AI can handle the initial calls, answers, outreach, and more so that your team can do more meaningful work.

Tell the future

One of the AIs’ primary jobs is to analyze tons of data. This is a kind of forecasting. Different AI programs can help your team predict other conditions to meet goals and allocate budgets. 


Thanks to AI, the sales team can now spend more time selling products before most of their time was spent just gathering data, filling it up, sending an email, or leaving a voicemail. Using AI, you can hand over some of the tedious work and focus on building relationships. 

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