Furniture is an essential part of our living space, let it be our homes, school, office, and many other places, we use furniture for different purposes, like storage, for display, to sit and relax, or to hold our books. Before we purchase living room furniture or beds, or even a TV stand we do a lot of research because we know for a fact that these are long-term investments and we want to get nothing but the best in the money that we spend. Since we take great care when we bring furniture home, we obviously would want to maintain it so that they retain their new shiny look as long as possible. Let’s look at some basics things that you can do at home to maintain them easily.

1. Dust Everyday: This is the simplest thing you can do to keep your furniture in good health. If you cant dust your furniture every day, then try and do it regularly. Your furniture eventually builds a layer of dust on its surface, this can make your wooden furniture look shabby and old.  Not to mention the allergies that it can cause. Here are some pointer while dusting your wooden furniture:

  • Avoid hitting the furniture hard with a cloth and scattering the dust in the air. It will eventually land back on it. 
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the furniture that will ensure fewer scratches.
  • You can also use a classic feather duster.
  • For proper dusting, put the dusting cloth on the area of the furniture that has dust on it and then slowly drag the dust out rather than spreading it on the entire surface.
  • You can dampen the cloth slightly to capture the dust properly.
  1. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight: This is something that very few of us know, that wooden furniture locks some amount of moisture, that keeps it shiny and glossy for long. Direct exposure to sunlight or heat can rob the wood of this moisture, leaving your furniture looking discolored and brittle. So try to avoid this as far as possible. 
  2. Protection From Daily Use Damage: With the daily use of the furniture, it is bound to get scratched and chipped. Use good quality table cloth, coasters, chairs covers, mats, etc… on top of your furniture so that you can prevent direct contact with hot cups, vessels etc…

4. Apply Wax or Polish Your furniture: As and when you notice that your furniture is showing signs of discoloration, use wax or polish to restore the shiny look. Be cautious of spraying the polish directly on the furniture because it contains silicon oil and it doesn’t get evaporated that easily. It’s best advised to spray it first on a clean cloth, and then rub that cloth on the wooden furniture. Use tamilmv site and download any movies which you are fond of.

  1. Touch Up Pens: You have furniture touch-up pens available in the market these days to cover any small dents or scratches that you may notice on your furniture. 

Hope the above tips will come in handy to take care of and maintain the wooden furniture in your house.

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