10 tips for a part-time working student

Balancing between work and school can be a challenging task. It takes discipline and hard work to excel for part-time working students. Some students fear to work and study at the same time because they do not know how to handle it. Some students, however, have proven that it is possible.

Part-time working students can relate what they learn in school because they practice at the workplace. E.g. when given the assignment to write an internship essay example, they are in a better position to work it out.

1. Create a plan

At the beginning of all semesters, record all the coursework schedules. This includes assignment deadlines, examination dates among others. Also mark any company meetings, events and work deadlines. With this, you will know what to do at any time. You will not forget some things. It will be easy to balance between school and work.

2. Keep everyone informed

Ensure your employer is aware that you are an employee and a student. Assure them that you can balance between the two. When possible, sacrifice weekends and some holidays to go to work. This is a way of showing your seriousness about work.

When your employer is aware that you are a student, they will permit you to attend classes even on work time.

Communicate with your professors and family members. They might be of great help when you feel overwhelmed by work.

3. Consider college online programs

Enrolling on online courses helps you save time. Most of the online courses do not have a specific time to study, you only have to log in to the class and do assignments at your favourable time.

You do not have to waste time commuting to school. You can use this time for other activities. You will not alter the work schedule when you have online classes.

4. Write down your long term goals

Set your long term goals and write them down. This will motivate you to work hard at work and in school.

Try to find work related to the course you are taking in school. E.g. if you want to be a finance officer, you can apply for a job in a bank. If you are studying nursing, you can find a job in the hospital. This will provide career experience early and you are likely to be promoted very soon.

5. Take mental heal breaks regularly

Attending school’s busy schedules and work simultaneously can be tiresome. If you do not go for regular checkups, you might get into depression. Also, take breaks and relax. Take a hike, play, visit friends and watch Netflix. Find other fun activities that interest you and engage with them.

6. Ask for help

Whenever you find you are struggling, do not feel afraid to ask for help. E.g. when you have an assignment like writing a lab report, you can seek help from assignment writing services. You can also talk to your professor. They will always help where they can.

7. Be confident

One of the important things to do while being a part-time working student is to be confident and believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, you are likely to give up.

Do not listen to people with negative energy as they might pull you down. Trust that you decided to multitask and focus on it.

8. Celebrate small wins

Celebrate every achievement you make on your journey. If you wait for the big things to celebrate, they might take a lot of time and you may give up on the way.

Celebrating small wins helps in motivating someone to work towards achieving the big dreams. E.g., celebrate scoring an A in a certain subject. It’s the beginning of your overall success.

9. Create a place for study

Create a comfortable place at home for your studies. This could be a comfortable seat and a table. Ensure that the place is organized, clean and well decorated with cool colours. Ensure you are comfortable while studying.

Have a place you can write your encouraging quotes, important deadlines, pining important photos etc. this will keep you moving every day. They also help in creating a good study environment.

10. Plan for the unexpected thing

A part-time working student should stick to their schedule. It is however important to plan what to do in case the unexpected happens. This will help reduce the anxiety and stress that you might experience when the unexpected happens.

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To sum up

Balancing between work and study can be a challenging task. Many students have no idea how to go about being part-time working students. Following the points explained, it is possible to balance the two.

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