3 Signs of New Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers That Indicates the Need for Going to an Alcohol Detox Center

New alcohol abuse in teenagers is on the rise. If you are a parent of a teenager, it’s important to know the signs of new alcohol abuse in teenagers that need help. The most common signs of alcohol abuse in young people are:  feeling guilty about drinking, using alcohol to cope with negative emotions, being rebellious, and missing important activities like going to school.

Below we talk about why you should consider a detox center for alcoholism if you notice the above symptoms in your teenager;

1. Feeling Guilty about Drinking

Alcohol detox center prevent alcohol addiction before it’s too late. During alcohol detox, your teenager can also be examined by medical professionals who will detect other alcohol-related problems that need to be treated. Alcohol detox helps teenagers overcome emotional factors that drive them towards alcohol abuse which makes them more open to talking about what’s behind their drinking behavior.

Examples of some of the programs offered there include;

*Detox programs (which helps in managing withdrawal symptoms)

*Alcoholics Anonymous (group of recovering alcohol addicts who help each other maintain sobriety)


*Support groups

2. Using Alcohol to Cope with Negative Emotions

The alcohol detox treatment program includes therapies that are aimed at tackling alcohol addiction and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawals affect the mind and body, and a teenager needs to go through alcohol detox under medical supervision to prevent them from having seizures or delirium tremens (DTs).

Alcohol detox centers can help teenagers deal with co-occurring mental health disorders such as;



*Bipolar disorder

3. Been Rebellious and Missing Important Life Activities

The alcohol detox family program that alcohol detox centers offer takes into account the teenager’s parents or guardians that are also affected by alcohol addiction in their children. The main goal of this type of alcohol detox is to improve communication, parent-child relationships, and parental practices when it comes to alcohol use which can reduce alcohol abuse in teenagers significantly. They are also designed especially for teens to make sure they have a good chance of developing healthy habits while learning how to control their alcohol intake before it’s too late.

They offer programs that teach the young adults the benefits of engaging in important life activities like;

*Going to school

*Attaining good grades

*Importance of respecting their teachers, parents, and caregivers

*Dangers of engaging in alcohol or drug abuse

In general, the best way to prevent alcohol addiction is not letting it develop in the first place. Therefore, if you notice any signs of alcohol abuse in your teen, it’s advisable to seek professional help immediately. Alcohol detox centers include programs that are aimed at preventing relapse after alcohol detox, which will give you long-term benefits for your teenager. They also offer a wide range of extras that will help your teenager stay sober after he/she leaves alcohol counseling and support groups.

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