5 Reinvented Knit Sweater Styles to Try This Season

Surely, you have a list of your favourite fashion items by season that you always bring with you wherever you go shopping. Cotton or other cool fabric dresses for summer and spring, and knit sweaters and coats for winter and fall.

As we continue to spend more time indoors and at home, many opt for more comfortable clothing. We now prioritize comfort and ease when getting dressed or attending work-from-home meetings. Leisurewear has seen a surge in popularity. It includes the demand for elevated fashion options such as knitted co-ords and layers that keep your OOTD on-trend while maintaining a mellow vibe while wearing it.

Classic knit sweaters are being reinvented as trendy fashion pieces. We see new designs and modern knit trends all over the internet and in our social media feeds. Let us look at the trending sweater styles we could wear throughout the seasons, from pretty collars to cool sweater cut-outs. Keep scrolling so you don’t miss a thing!

New Trending Knit Sweater Styles

Cool Cuts

It doesn’t matter if sweaters are designed for the colder months. We’ve seen many new chic and unique cut-out knits during the latest fashion shows and runways, as some designers try to mix and experiment with knitwear. Sweaters with trendy cut-outs – whether an open back or bare shoulder or a peek-a-boo cut on the upper chest – add a modern touch to your OOTD.

Cut-out knits have a long shelf life in your wardrobe as long you know how to layer them will your other outfits. The more inventive you are, the better. You can try styling a cut-out knit with a tight sheep top underneath for a fun look throughout the day.

Vintage-Inspired Collars

We see them on chic cardigans and knit sweaters this fall and winter, either as a cute attachment or as part of the knitted sweater. They are present and properly accounted for across all brands. Some are buttoned, while others are V-necked, and some are fitted while others are loose.

Sweater Vest

It’s a knitwear must-have that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. A sweater vest is typically worn as an extra layer over a white button-down or mesh top. This knitwear works well with pants, pleated skirts, and denim. From classic plaid to checkerboard leopard print, there are numerous styles and colours to choose from and mix and match with your favourite top.

Padded Shoulder Knitwear

Are you feeling self-assured and elegant? Try sweaters with shoulder pads that sit off your shoulder, giving you a nice retro look. It also draws attention to your shoulder’s width and creates a slim silhouette down to your waist.

Bolero Sweaters

The concept is that the sweater is mostly just the sleeves, whether an ultra-cropped pullover sweater or an open-front shrug. Its lightness makes it an excellent layering piece for the transitional seasons. The exciting part is that you can wear it in a variety of ways – layered over a tank top, bra top, or a dress – and it will undoubtedly give you a pretty and cozy look.

Did you get any new ideas for filling out your wardrobe for the upcoming season? Experiment with knitwear, and you will surely enjoy the warm vibes that it emits regardless of the season.

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