7 Most Common Depression Triggers That You Should Manage Carefully 

Almost everyone nowadays suffers from mental disorders or illness. But, it’s not like all of them are born with these disorders or depression. There are many factors that trigger a person to develop depression. So, you need to know those triggers and carefully manage them. If you can’t manage them well, then make sure to follow an MAOI prescription or visit a psychotherapist.

Most Influential Triggers of Depression

The below ones are the most influential factors that increase the risk of developing depression:

1. Grief and Loss

Most of the depression cases are occurred by loss and grief. In the meantime, an analysis may be complicated because the symptoms may just be taken as being a normal reaction to loss. Now, grief can manifest itself in mental and physical symptoms, like:

  • Depressed mood and full depression.
  • High blood pressure and heart rate.
  • High-stress hormone levels.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Immune system changes.
  • Substance use.

2. Rejection

You know rejection and social barring are very stressful for people and have been related to low self-esteem. However, sensitive people, along with others, can’t handle social rejection and have high rejection sensitivity. A person’s level of rejection sensitivity depends on their genetics and their prior experiences in life. Eventually, rejection triggers those people’s depression.

3. Stress

We all know that psychological stress is one of the major causes of depression because of its physical effects on the body and brain. At the same time, stress causes hormonal changes that are present in about 70% of depressed people. Stress discharges the stress hormone cortisol that results in physical changes to brain cells, and leads to depression.

4. Illness

It’s a fact that illnesses are responsible for approximately 10-15% of cases of depression. Now, the correlation can be happed because:

  • The illness itself may be disastrous, and receiving the diagnosis can be shocking, like cancer, HIV infection, Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Illness can also cause depressive symptoms such as hypothyroidism, vitamin B12 deficiency, and mononucleosis.
  • Illness also has inherent connotations with depression—illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, erectile dysfunction, heart attack.

5. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep also triggers depression. Now, do you know, sleep has a relation with depression? First of all, sleep changes are a core symptom of depression. An individual has either increased or decreased sleep. About 75% of depressed people have insomnia, and about 40% sleep excessively (hypersomnia), with lots of overlap.

6. Rumination

Rumination is a form of grief that has gotten out of control. Furthermore, the ruminating individual resides on the grief rather than trying to hold and deal with it healthily. Now, the pain and grief become an obsession that restricts normal life functions. Later, it triggers depression.

7. Money Problems

One of the most influential triggers for depression is the money problem. Almost everyone deals with this problem. However, it gives lots of pressure and stress to the person, which leads him or her to depression. According to a study, 35,000 Americans to study the effects of money on mental health found that low household income is associated with increased risk of mental health disorders, especially depression.

Final Words

These are the most influential triggers for depression. If you don’t manage and control these triggers, then your risk of getting depressed will increase phenomenally.

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