A complete medical guide on Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is recommended by the doctor for the treatment of cancers. Advanced radiation therapy is proton therapy. It’s utilized to treat both benign and malignant cancers. There is a growing trend in the usage of these radiations since they have fewer negative effects than conventional radiations. Lung cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, spinal tumor, and sarcoma are among the cancers for which proton treatment is useful.

Proton therapy has a number of advantages over regular radiation therapy. Doctors have more control over energy transmission into malignant cells with proton treatment. Proton treatment provides a dose of radiation into the cells that do not harm the surrounding tissues.

Proton therapy has shown potential in the treatment of many cancers. Because doctors can better regulate where the proton beams deposit their energy, studies have suggested that proton treatment may produce fewer side effects than standard radiation.

The treatment may last as little as two weeks or as long as eight weeks, depending on the state of the tumor being treated.

Proton Therapy is used to treat the following conditions:

Proton treatment is still under development. Despite its enormous success in trials, it is still the subject of intense inquiry by researchers all over the world. The procedure’s implementation, on the other hand, necessitates close supervision because it includes the use of an extremely high-energy beam to destroy cells. Any deviation or irregularity will cause problems as well as irreversible damage. As a result, there are several conditions that should be considered. Proton therapy is so recommended in the following situations:

  • When a tumor is discovered in any portion of the nervous system, conventional treatment has a high risk in the majority of instances. To treat it better, proton therapy can be used to kill the tumor in a continuous manner.
  • If the applicant is diagnosed with breast cancer on the left side, proton therapy is chosen over other traditional procedures. This is because operating on the left side of the breast would jeopardize the heart and lungs’ nerves and major arteries.

The best destination for proton therapy

Among the numerous countries around the world, India is known for providing proton therapy in the most cost-effective packages. Since the dawn of time, the country has built a name for itself in the field of medicine. From herbs to chemicals, traditional to advanced, India’s medical science has an amazing track record, attracting thousands of medical tourists each year.

India’s treatment facilities are more advanced than that of the majority of other countries. However, on a worldwide scale, some of the most affordable packages include uncompromised diagnosis and treatment options. Proton therapy costs in India are expected to range from $14,490 to $28,819 on average, making it one of the most affordable options available worldwide.

Apollo Hospital Indraprastha and HCG Manavata Cancer Centre are the best proton therapy hospitals in India. The clinics have been meticulously built to provide a seamless therapeutic environment.

Proton therapy is available at Apollo Hospital Indraprastha, which is considered India’s best hospital. Not only is it the first hospital in Southeast Asia to offer proton therapy, but it also has the most economical pricing in the world. The hospital features a unique facility dedicated to proton therapy, which is designed to provide candidates with the best possible treatment options.

The HCG Manavata Cancer Centre is another facility that provides top-notch medical care to applicants. It is one of the few hospitals that offer proton therapy, in addition to providing some of the greatest cancer therapy procedures.

More than 650 medical experts and 35 oncologists are available for consultation at the facility. The hospital is also known for having a high success rate, which explains why approximately 70,000 candidates have been recorded as receiving treatment here.

Medigence: Simplifying medical travel and treatment

MediGence, a technology-driven worldwide network, was founded in 2016. MediGence’s program portfolio has been recognized on a global basis.

Medigence Telemedicine is the practice of providing medical care to patients over the internet. Thanks to advanced technologies, doctors can consult with patients using HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing systems. Telemedicine software is robust, with features ranging from data storage to live video conferencing. Overall, a wide range of innovative telemedicine technologies is now available to meet the different needs of patients.

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