A Practical Gift Selection for a New Mother

Deciding on the kind of gift to give a new mother may be a daunting task. However, a practical gift is always a welcome idea. See our list of the most handy gifts for a new mother.

It’s not easy being a new mother. With all the midnight feeding, regular diaper changes, and constant sleep interruptions, a majority of new mothers are most of the times exhausted and worn out. You can, however, put a smile on their faces by showing them some love with a nice handy gift. But with a wide selection of gifts currently in the market today, from baby vests to diaper bags, it may be difficult to choose the most practical gift for a new mother. For more gift ideas for your mother, visit Life As Mama.

However, in this article, we will help you pick the right gift.

Diaper bag

A diaper bag is quite a thoughtful gift for any new mother. Diaper bags help to keep everything organised; they have pockets for wipes, extra diapers, phones, credit cards, and more. Some even come with a built-in changing mat to make changing diapers easy and convenient.

Branded pyjama

It is obvious just how important mums are; get her a comfy cotton or silk pyjama to remind her how important she is. You can also customise the pyjamas with a phrase to add a personal touch. She will surely appreciate this gift, considering how much time she will be spending in pyjamas right after birth.

Comfy bathrobe

Get the mother an absorbent and comfy bathrobe to make her feel pampered while raising her newborn. It’s ideal for a mom in need of some rest during an otherwise stressful day. With the number of times a new mother has to wake up in the middle of the night, throwing on a fluffy robe would be a welcome idea.

Baby bath

Because newborn babies appear to be so fragile, new mothers may be hesitant to bathe them. Gift them a baby bath to assist them in keeping the baby clean with ease. Make sure you get the portable version because it’s more convenient and makes bathing the infant quite easy.

Professional Photo Shoot

Pictures of newborn babies are a lifelong treasure. Organise a professional photo

shoot for the mother and the newborn to mark this special phase in their lives. Make sure to consult with the mother first on the best day for the photo shoot.

Baby vests

When buying baby vests, make sure you get the ones that are 100 per cent cotton for maximum comfort of the baby’s sensitive skin. You can get one with a personalised message to make the gift more sentimental.

Baby Carrier

This is one of the most essential items for a new mother. With a baby carrier, the new mother will get some hands-free time. These carriers are designed to keep the baby cosy while giving the mother time to get things done without holding the baby constantly. Baby carrier slings come in a range of styles that are comfortable to wear even when travelling.

Smart robot vacuum

Raising a new baby is very time-consuming; this means less time for cleaning while at the same time, there is a greater need for a clean home, especially when the baby starts to crawl. Take some of the stress off a new mum’s shoulders with a smart vacuum that has strong suction to gather up all dirt from the floor and app-controlled programming so she can choose when the vacuum starts to interrupting nap time.

Water Bottle

A nursing mother requires more water than a normal person, yet staying hydrated is difficult when you have a million other things to do. Get her a personalised water bottle to remind her to drink water while also keeping her motivated on tough days.

Stroller organiser

A stroller organiser is the next best thing to giving a new mother an extra pair of hands. Get her a stroller organiser to help her keep all her essentials organised. Get one that has room for keys, wallet, coffee, phone, and more while freeing her hands for other things while she’s out with her baby.

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