Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising that all the promoters must know

The world has become digital now. Most of the people around us watch TV. Those who don’t even use the internet sometimes watch TV. So, TV has now become a better way to promote things. A lot of people are promoting their products and services. You can use TV advertising for this purpose also. But you need to know all the things clearly before getting started with that. So, here we have tried to tell you all the advantages you will get and all the disadvantages of TV Advertising.

1. It’s a chance to put oneself in front of a ready-made market.

Because people are more interested in what is going on in the game during the Super Bowl, television advertising is more expensive. Individuals will stop multitasking to view advertising if it conveys a message that is important to them. That is why television commercials are so powerful. People are still near their televisions even when they are not viewing them, despite evidence to the contrary. They’ll come back when you have something fascinating to say.

2. Your message may be distributed in a variety of ways.

Unlike most other forms of advertising, television enables you to broadcast a message with two possible outcomes. With your message, you can visually and audibly impact others. This combination makes it simpler for consumers to remember the material you’ve given them, increasing the chances that your advertising will result in a purchase.

3. This is a win-win situation when compared to streaming providers.

Assume you want your TV ad to air during a particular program. Commercials for NBC programs may be purchased for $35 or more per thousand impressions in the United States (CPM). Assume you wish to advertise during the same program on Hulu, which NBC owns. What are your long-term goals? You’ll never be able to do it. For buying demographic data, only the internet gateway is accessible. When it comes to television, you may still buy programs and demographic information.


1. Television commercials are also not inexpensive.

A 30-second ad on local television in 2016 cost between $200 and $1,500, depending on whether it ran during local programming or in a dedicated local slot during the day or prime time. This price does not cover the whole campaign. It is only suitable for one ad viewing. A 30-second commercial for a national corporate broadcast costs on average $123,000. A Super Bowl commercial spot may cost more than $4 million in some years if you want to promote.

2. The cost of viewing television exceeds the cost of transmitting time.

Companies who want their ads to be successful must first pay for the costs of producing television programming. If no one in your business can create a TV ad screenplay, you may be compelled to hire a screenwriter. It may be necessary to hire a spokesperson and actors to standing in for you. Film editors are responsible for assembling the many takes that were filmed. If you need help assembling your team before you begin, consider collaborating with a marketing firm. Even if your local TV station has in-house production skills, it will cost you several thousand dollars to get started.

3. It takes a lot of repetition to become effective.

While some television ads are immediately prevalent, most commercials need numerous repeats before they become effective. In the future, you’ll need to put aside money for your 30-second ad regularly. If you can find a place for $200, you’ve scored a great deal. Even at the low price of $1,500 per ticket, ten seats will cost $15,000, with no assurance of a return on investment.

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