Avoiding Computer vision Syndrome in the best possible ways

These days technology advancement certainly has benefited humans in many ways but it is equally true that some health issues are arising due to it. Talking of which computer vision syndrome is one such issue to not neglect. The problem is also popularly called the digital eye strain. It usually arises when the individual is watching excessively the digital screening and has been facing some vision problem. There are so many people who now have experienced vision issues and even eye discomfort while watching the digital screens for quite some time. The discomfort level keeps on increasing with digital screen usage.

Risk factors and causes to not ignore:

This problem is not something to be ignored. While viewing a computer, oftentimes, the eyes get strain. This has been quite a hazardous issue as the vision gets compromised.

If the posture is not correct, it can hamper not just the spinal cord but vision too. It increases the severity of the syndrome.

To see a digital screening or a computer can be quite a lot different as compared to reading a printed page. Oftentimes, the letters that are seen on the compiler or even the handheld device may not be finely defined as the contrasting letter at the background gets reduced. Due to this, a glare and reflection is appearing on the screen which increases the difficulty in viewing.

There are certain angles and distances set for viewing from the screen. However, not everyone follows such a rule. Because of this, the focus of the eye and moments of the eye also gets hampered and the

There are some under corrected or maybe uncorrected vision issues that may cause major trouble and be associated with computer-based eyestrain. Some people even have eyeglasses prescribed for regular use but when they adjust the viewing distance of the screen, they are likely to get the strain.

There are so many scenarios in which the CVS signs usually occur only due to the visual requirement that the digital screen demands. This could happen to those people who usually spend more than 2 hours continuously on the computer or any other digital screen every time.


There are some of the common signs that should not be ignored which are of course related to CVS or digital eye strain are:

  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort

These usually signs that are caused due to:

  • Poor lighting.
  • Improper viewing distances.
  • Uncorrected vision difficults.
  • Glare on a digital screen.
  • Poor sitting posture.
  • A combination of these factors.

Diagnosing computer vision syndrome:

The problem of digital eye strain is not something to be ignored. There must be a proper diagnosis that should be made for which a comprehensive eye examination is conducted. The test bug comes with an emphasis on the visual needs at the digital device or the computer working distance. This includes:

The history of the patient should be understood to know if there have been any signs that the patient has faced.

The presence of any health issue needs to be known or maybe the medicines that must have been taken earlier or maybe the environmental factors which may result in the signs associated with computer use.

There will be the accuracy of the visualization done as a part of the assessment to understand to which extent has been vision compromised.

There will also be refraction done to understand the right pair of the lens which is required for compensating the refractive errors may be astigmatism or even nearsightedness.

Testing shall be done to understand the focus that the eye makes be it while moving or working composed. In order to get a single clear image of what is being seen, the eyes would have to focus and then coordinate well on moving and working. The testing shall look for the issues that usually keep the eyes composed.

Tips on preventing the computer vision syndrome:

Once the diagnosis is being made and the problem is caught then it is better to prevent the eye from getting strain by following certain tips. These tips are advised so that eyes don’t get any kind of discomfort.

  Adjust the PC:

It is good to place the screen of the computer in such a manner that it would not strain the eyes. It should be at least 20 to 25 inches from the eyes. If the individual sits too close to the digital screen, then it may increase the ye strain risk.

  Blink often:

Blinking always helps the eyes from getting dried out. This way the moisture doesn’t spread out and the mucus across the yeast doesn’t happen often. But if blinking is not done in the right manner, then it may result in ceasing irritation to the eyes.

Lessen down the screen glare:

Usually, the glaring of the screen happens when the light gets reflected off the screen. The light usually comes from the overhead fixtures or the windows nearby. The glare can be reduced by using lower wattage, closing blinds, or adding a screen glare filter to the PC.

Other than this, the right eyeglasses should be used and the posture must be straight so that along with the body even eyes don’t get any kind of stress. Eyes require frequent breaks and hence, at least keeping the eyes off the screen can always be helpful. The best way is to use the 20-20-20 rule. It helps in refocusing the eyes.


The problem of digital eye strain has been increasing over quite some time especially after the work from the home facility has been promoted all over the world. There are symptoms like fatigue, eye discomfort and even blurry vision that can be noticed. In case the problem keeps on persisting for 2 days after being noticed, it is better to visit the health care expert. And of all, it is important to give eyes regularly. It is the best way of treating digital eye stress. Eat healthily and stay fit but also ensure that eyes get the right rest always.

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