Beginners Guide to Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

One of the best parts about playing at Hungarian online casinos is the vast range of bonus offers that players can claim. These offers incentivize you to top up your casino accounts regularly, as many of them are tied to minimum deposits. Bonus offers help you get a head-start on a big win, typically coming with bonus cash and free spins that you can use to pad your bankrolls. 

Regular players in Hungary are familiar with the different kinds of online casino bonuses on offer. However, many new players are overwhelmed at first glance. There are several kinds of bonuses, and if you are new to the scene, it can be hard to differentiate one type from another. 

We are going to be looking at the four most common kinds of online casino bonuses. Though it can get confusing at first, learning about them will make your online casino gaming experience that much more rewarding. We will also take a look at kaparós sorsjegy kaszinók.

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No-Deposit Bonuses

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite kind of offer: a no-deposit bonus. As its name implies, this bonus does not require any deposit. Generally, the only thing casinos will require from you to get this is to sign up for an account. A few minutes of your time to get some free cash is always worth it, in our opinion. 

Of course, such bonuses won’t be as generous as those provided by deposit bonuses. Most casinos that offer them typically top out at around $10, with hefty wagering requirements down the line. Furthermore, many casinos require at least one deposit before withdrawal, so it won’t be totally “free”. It’s still a fine offer to take, even if you just want to test out a few casino games before taking a deeper dive. 

Hungarian players are big on no deposit bonuses as they like to use them to play at lottery casinos. We also want to point out that apart from no deposit bonuses, you can also use other bonuses to play the best kaparós sorsjegy 2021 games.

Welcome Bonuses

Next is the standard welcome bonus and just about every online casino has a minimum of one welcome bonus for new players. Welcome bonuses are one of the main ways that an online casino entices you to sign up and deposit real money. The deal works out like this in most cases: you make a qualifying first deposit and receive bonus cash based on your deposit amount. 

Many casinos’ welcome bonuses cover not just your first deposit, but your second, third, and fourth deposits. Whether you ultimately win or lose, you can at least feel secure that you will hit the ground running with some extra bonus cash in tow. 

It’s always exciting to sign up for a new online casino, and welcome bonuses are a major part of why this is so. 

Free Spin Offers

Free spin offers are generally offered by online casinos that have a strong slot portfolio. The way these bonuses work is very simple. All you have to do is make a minimum deposit to get something back. The key difference is that these offers reward you with free spins instead of bonus money. 

Free spins are exactly what they sound like. You get a specified number of spins, which you can use on permitted games. These spins have a value set by the casino. With these spins in tow, you can get a free shot at winning a decent payday. 

Typically, free spin winnings come with a chunkier wagering requirement than bonus cash. They also have lower max cashouts, though the rate will vary based on your casino of choice. 

Loyalty Bonuses

Because the goal of every online casino is to keep you coming back, it is no surprise that one of the key parts of their marketing strategy is loyalty bonuses.

These kinds of bonuses are handed out whenever you reach certain milestones while playing at a casino. For most online casinos, your total amount of bets determines your entry into a VIP Club, where you are showered with rewards of bonus cash and free spins.


If you are a frequent player of online casino games in Hungary, you should take advantage of all of the different bonus offers. Look for a casino that is bonus-friendly and then use those bonuses to increase your chances of winning. If you prefer land-based casinos and would consider the opportunity of working in one, check out this link.

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