Best Family Activities Around Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a city unlike any other, offering the beachy feeling that Florida does best while also allowing residents to feel more laid back than Orlando could ever provide.

So if you’re traveling with your family and want to make a memorable stop: this is the city to visit.  Every location on this list is great for kids and adults alive; your family will beg you to start looking at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale by the end of it! 

Museum of Discovery and Science

Fun for the entire family, the Museum of Discovery and Science puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that people can see how fascinating the sciences are.

Not only do you get to see incredible Ecoscapes that allow you to feel like you’re in the Everglades, but you can also enjoy a simulated ride to mars or even a ride on an airplane simulator!  This museum feels like it was combined with a theme park, which spells F-U-N for everyone involved.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

If your kids are antsy when you arrive in town, and they need a space to burn off some extra energy, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is the place to go!  This waterside park is full of beautiful wildlife and plants and gives you the chance to breathe in some fresh air while you get to explore the natural plant life in the area.

Kids will love running and playing and being wild, and parents will appreciate the calm atmosphere away from the rush of city life.

Butterfly World

If you have younger children: this is the best place to go in the city.  Butterfly World is a botanical garden that hosts over 20,000 live butterflies at any given time.  These insects are very used to people and will land on you and interact with you if you let them!

This can be a fantastic way to get children interested in nature and how butterflies change and exist over time. It’s also a very calming and serene environment to enjoy.  As the largest butterfly park in the world, Butterfly World is a must-stop for any family.

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Flamingo Gardens

Similar to Butterfly World, Flamingo Gardens has picked an animal and leaned into celebrating it.  This 60-acre tropical botanical garden and everglades sanctuary allows you to walk amongst flamingos and see them up close and thriving.

While here, you can also enjoy seeing the peacocks and koi fish!  All animals here can be fed by hand as long as a guide is with you, and it’s a magical experience.

NSU Art Museum

This art museum isn’t boring in the least!  From an exhibit of floating clouds with smiley faces on them to Renoir and Glacken’s pieces, you’ll be excited to see all of the different types of art available to enjoy.

Kids will love the fascinating exhibits, and adults will be able to appreciate the great curation that ensures no piece falls flat or is boring!  This is the most fascinating art museum you’ll find!

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