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Rugs are a great way of adding color and excitement to a space. This is just one reason to have a rug in your home. There are other reasons, however. A rug can be described as a complete room. It ties everything together visually. An custom rug with logo is a great way to anchor and define a space, add warmth, or layer decor.

Here are a few ways to decorate with a rug

Your area rug should cover all furniture in the room. For example, in a living room, all furniture should be covered by the rug. If that is impossible, you can remove the back legs of major upholstered furniture and place them on top of it. All smaller pieces must have their legs on top of the rug.

The rug should be large enough to accommodate both the table and chairs in a dining area. Your chairs should always be on the rug, even when they are being taken out of the table.

Use Rugs to Delineate Areas

Rugs can be used to define or divide spaces, such as foyers and seating areas. This is especially useful for studios and larger rooms that require definition.

Variety is the main feature

Rugs can add variety to a space. You should be aware that a room can visually be divided by the same-sized rug. You can get different sized of rugs to create a sense of variety.

Create Harmony

It is better to have multiple rugs in one style. This can cause a jarring effect and be very unpleasant. Harmony will be destroyed if there are too many patterns of “warring” in space.

Find inspiration for a color scheme

A favorite rug could be used as the base of your room’s color scheme. You can add the furniture to your existing room color scheme if you don’t own it.

Take control over the volume

Rugs can be used visually to quieten or increase the volume of a space. If your wallpaper or upholstery has a complex pattern, choose a subtler rug. You might choose a bolder or more busy pattern to add interest to rooms with subdued walls and upholstery.

Cree is a Focal Point

The rug can have a huge impact on the look of your room. You can create difference by painting your walls in a color that echoes some of your rug’s accent colors.

Decorate a Wall

You can either hang a rug as a hanging or make it a focal point on your wall.

Have fun with shapes

This doesn’t necessarily mean your rug must be rectangular. Your furniture arrangement can determine the size and shape of your rug. Decide what shape you prefer. If the shape is more suitable for your furniture arrangement than a rectangular one, you can choose to use a square, round, or oval shape.

Make sure you have the right size

Add 3 feet to the width and length of a room-sized rug. A smaller room will appear larger if there is less clutter around its edges. A tablecloth should be placed under the dining table. This will allow the chair’s back legs and can be pulled out for someone to sit. Your hallway should be four inches wider than the runner and your hallway should be 18 to 24 inches shorter. You should ensure that the rug is large enough to support your feet while you walk.

Renovate a room

To refresh a space or introduce new colors, use pillows and rugs.

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