Buying Instagram followers the new age policy

In a world where most things are fake, buying fake followers isn’t a bad deal? Is it?

Nowadays, with loads of influencers and Celebrities out there trying to showcase their distinctiveness via. Social Media sometimes becomes a little essential to get a few fake followers and show yourself as a brand. Because being modest and real sometimes gets you nothing, especially when it comes to social branding. Actors are now chosen because of their social media followers, not talent per se. Hence the one with fewer followers won’t even get a chance to audition if that’s the case. If any doubts are there regarding adding new followers to your account, then check Famoid

So what should the said individual do? Try and buy a few fake followers and get into the audition and showcase the talent? Fair enough!! This is not the only case; several cases like this require social branding.

Several questions arise in mind when we think of buying Instagram followers, like will it help? Is it risk-free? Am I doing right? Should I buy it or not? Etc.

Being aware of fraud-

There are several fraudulent activities active on Instagram, so be beware of them. Do you spend a lot of money behind getting fake followers to grow popularity but in return, what happens you get duped? A sheer embarrassment and a loss of money are what you face because the Instagram Team is quite active in finding out bots and trash accounts that may suddenly dip your followers. So finding an appropriate site and buying Instagram followers is the best option that will offer good cost-effective packages and provide good engagement.

Where do we go to buy Instagram followers-

The one question that runs to mind is, where do we go to buy fake followers? Well, several paid sites offer real and active fake followers on Instagram. You need to research and find a suitable one. Several sites like,,,, etc., offer real and active fake followers. They offer special packages which are cost-effective and also are consumer-friendly. In, you will find everything which will help you for the growth of your Instagram.

Disadvantages in buying Instagram followers

  1. Instagram, which has a very active and hardworking support team, can easily find out the fake followers and suspend your account if they think something is inappropriate.
  2. Brands that deal with Instagram influencers have tools that can recognize the Instagrammers if buying fake followers. This may hamper your social media status and your brand effectiveness.
  3. The people who know you and your credibility might question you about your fake followers.
  4. A very high follower count with no engagement to back it up will make it all visible to the followers out there.


To buy Instagram Followers or not is completely an individual’s choice. Not getting or getting one depends on person to person, and it shouldn’t be judged either. With lots of pros come the cons too. Keep it in mind and explore the world of Instagram. The basic thing is to enjoy whatever you do, and Instagram is where you can surely enjoy. Famoid will help to grow your Instagram with new followers.

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