Can Cannabis and CBD Assist or Hinder Coronavirus?

Cannabis has remarkable healing power, so you may be wondering if it might help combat COVID-19, a disease that is currently afflicting the entire world. COVID-19 has resulted in millions of fatalities, blocked international borders, and brought economies to the brink of collapse. This contagious respiratory condition can leave you with a fever, tiredness, and difficulty breathing. It can even be deadly. As a result, may cannabis help in the fight against COVID-19?

The cytokine storm and cannabis are two examples of this.

“Cytokine storm” is one of the fundamental biological events that occur in COVID-19 individuals with severe acute respiratory distress. A cytokine storm occurs when proinflammatory cytokines are released in significant quantities by the body. An increase in inflammation is caused by the proteins known as cytokines, which form a group of proteins.

Lung fibrosis, a dangerous and untreatable disorder that scars lung tissue and makes breathing more difficult, is a common symptom of COVID-19 patients. As long as the cytokine storm is stopped, COVID-19 patients will be able to get their disease under control and go into remission.

A scientific finding reported that C.Sativa (a kind of cannabis) reduced inflammation and fibrosis-related cytokines and pathways in animal cytokine storm research. To prevent COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome, C.sativa was shown to lower TNFa and IL-6, two cytokines that are assumed to be the primary targets.

Other treatment options for COVID-19 besides cannabis

Cannabis has shown to be effective in lowering inflammation and scarring in COVID-19 patients, but how else could cannabis benefit COVID-19 patients?

CBD and THC, two compounds found in cannabis, have shown promise in various additional applications, including pain management and anxiety treatment. While these therapeutic effects have not been studied in COVID-19 patients, they could be exciting areas for future research.

Pain alleviation

Many people would appreciate pain relief from COVID-19 symptoms such as body aches, sore throats, and headaches.

Cannabis has shown promise as a pain reliever because of its capacity to increase the effects of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help with pain alleviation.

Is it safe for COVID-19 sufferers to inhale cannabis smoke?

While breathing the smoke of cannabis flowers is the most frequent way to take cannabis, it is not the only route to consume cannabis’ therapeutic components. The majority of cannabis research employs oil extracts, such as CBD oil.

Ingestion, vaping, nasal sprays, and topical application are all options for consuming cannabis oil. Many delivery methods bypass the lungs, omitting potentially dangerous chemicals found in smoke inhalation.


Cannabis, owing to its anti-inflammatory qualities, has shown much promise in the fight against COVID-19. According to a recent study published in Aging, cannabis can help COVID-19 patients by lowering a cytokine storm and protecting lung tissue from inflammatory damage.

Although this current research is intriguing and demonstrates the potential potency of cannabis in the fight against COVID-19, when managing COVID-19, always follow your doctor’s instructions. Also, before you buy cannabidiol products, do some good research to find top organic CBD products.

Other notable therapeutic effects of cannabis and its components, according to research, include pain alleviation and anxiety reduction. While these may provide help for COVID-19 patients, more research into the pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing qualities of cannabis on COVID-19 patients is required before we make any other conclusion.

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