Career Opportunities in the Fitness & Health Sector

If you are far from happy with your current job, or have just been made redundant, there are some great career opportunities within the fitness, health & well-being industries. You may have noticed the global shift towards health and fitness and this is reflected in the growing demand for personal trainers, fitness instructors, yoga and Pilates teachers.

Online Solutions

Largely due to the pandemic, all training institutes now offer online courses, which means that you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Of course, before you sign up with any training institution, you should be 100% sure that this is the career for you and with a lot of information online, you can make an informed decision.

Distance Learning

There’s no need to travel when learning the skills to become a fitness professional, as you can enrol in an online course at a leading US training institution, which allows you to learn at your own pace, plus the school assigns a mentor for each student, who is always available and ready for a video call. Support is essential when studying an online program, plus you are given exclusive access to their many valuable resources.

Fit, Healthy and a Desire to Succeed

If you are planning to become a fully accredited Pilates instructor, for example, the only qualities you need are to be fit, in good health and have a desire to become successful as a teacher. The online courses offered by the leading US Pilates training institution, are globally recognized, allowing you to work anywhere in the world.

Range of Career Opportunities

The following are all in great demand:

  • Pilates Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Fitness & Aerobics Instructor
  • Sports Physio

You could decide to specialise in massage services and work at a top spa, where there are many great opportunities, while a few courses practicing traditional Thai massage would give you the necessary skills to work in the hospitality sector.

People Skills

This is one thing you will need, regardless of which field you enter, you will be working with people and good interpersonal communication is essential. Click here for some business start-up advice, which might come in handy after you graduate. Once you start practicing as a fitness instructor, investing in a fitness club software is a must as it will ultimately help you with your fitness business. You will learn how to encourage and motivate your clients; which is an important part of the process, along with other skills;

  • How to assess a person’s physical fitness levels.
  • How to plan a fitness program.
  • Dietary knowledge.
  • Physical anatomy.

If, for example, you are planning to become a qualified Pilates teacher, then you first need to be a good student and learn the basics of the practice, as a beginner. When you enrol in a training course to become an instructor, you are mentored by experienced professionals and the course would be very demanding on all students. If you choose the best training academy to become a yoga instructor or therapist, you will find that almost all of their graduates manage to find good employment and earn the typical salary or even more, which is all the motivation you need.

You might be able to obtain US government support if you are learning to become a personal trainer or Pilates instructor, which would be a great help.

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