CBD and alcohol: can you take them together?

The substance that has taken the world by storm is the substance that is extracted from the tropical leaves of cannabis or hemp leaves known as Cannabidiol or CBD. This substance has gained popularity due to various types of health benefits and the lack of side effects. Various types of users from different backgrounds have all been consuming this substance and getting benefits from it. This substance has been made available in various forms keeping the various types of needs of the users in mind.

However, alcohol manufacturers have kept this thing in mind and have enabled various types of methods in making this popular, a way to boost their popularity as well. However, this mixing of Alcohol and CBD Vape Oil has been questioned by many people regarding safety. The following study can shed some light on this topic.

An Overview of CBD

The extracts of hemp and cannabis plant into a chemical compound is known as Cannabidiol or CBD. This substance does not contain any psychoactive elements like its cousin THC. However, there is a basic categorization regarding the concentration of THC in the extracts and the retention of various elements that grow naturally along with CBD. However, the traces of THC found in this substance are controlled and regulated, keeping 0.3% as the upper limit of the concentration of THC in the substance.

This substance has rendered various health benefits to its consumers, provided the dosage mechanism has been taken care of. The health benefits include relieving prolonged chronic pain without the side effects like other prescribed drugs. This substance also has been responsible for treating various types of mental disorders, including depression and anxiety. However, failure to stick to the dosage can alter the effects while causing mild side effects on the consumer.

CBD and alcohol amplify each other’s effects

Alcohol is said to render effects in people like reduction of inhibition along with a relaxing effect. However, CBD is also said to render similar effects that reduce anxiety and enable calmness in the nerves. In addition, combining both cannabidiol and alcohol amplifies specific effects of the substance like sedation and an increase in sleep.

This amalgamation of both substances also results in increasing changes in mood and behaviour. But, on the other hand, combining both substances also results in impairment in basic motor skills and the perception of time becoming altered.

Cannabidiol or CBD prevents the side effects of alcohol.

The consumption of CBD can enable the body to prevent the side effects of alcohol. However, CBD and its components also work as a complementary therapy for the side effects of alcohol consumption in various users.

1. It prevents Cell damage:

Regular consumption of alcohol can cause damage to various cells, which may lead to different side-effects like pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis due to inflammations leading to chronic disease. However, various tests conducted on rats have decreased brain-cell damage caused by the overconsumption of alcohol by applying effective CBD hemp cream on the skin. In addition, other research has also proven that cannabidiol is also beneficial in curing fatty liver caused by alcohol abuse.

2. Reduces Blood Alcohol level:

The amount of alcohol present in the blood can be measured with the help of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). The higher the BAC of a person is, the higher the loss of basic motor skills and cognitive functions. However, cannabidiol is said to increase cognitive functions by relaxing the mind and increasing focus after consuming the substance. Therefore, a proper regularized schedule of doses can decrease the alcohol level in the user’s blood.

3. Therapeutic support for withdrawals:

Though this point is still up for more detailed research in human beings. However, anecdotal experiments on rats can help us assume the effects on humans as well. The experiment with alcohol-addicted rats has shown that upon consuming the cannabidiol, they have displayed a lack of interest in consuming alcohol. On the other hand, certain studies show that consuming vaporized CBD can curb the want to smoke cigarettes and help with its withdrawal up to 70%.

The points that have been discussed above can be referred to regarding the mixing of cannabidiols and alcohol. However, every element has its share of benefits and disadvantages, so does CBD. With proper detailed studies, the optimal effect of the substance can be determined, which can open various avenues for alternative treatment for different disorders.

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