Complete Wheel & Tire Package Guide for Your Jeep

Motorists often think of their tires and wheels as separate components. Technically, they are. But they must work together to move your vehicle safely. For an off-roading machine like your Jeep, that means taking on tricky terrain and obstacles. And the right tires and wheels can make a huge difference. This brief guide explains the basics on Jeep wheel and tire packages plus some pointers for choosing one that best meets your needs.

Advantages of Tire-Wheel Packages

Wheel and off road tire packages offer several advantages. For one thing, you don’t have to purchase them separately. Along with the wheels and tires, many packages provide lug nuts, center caps and tire pressure monitoring system components. Your tires also come already mounted and balanced, so all you need to do is install them. This saves you the trouble of mounting and balancing them yourself or using a third-party vendor.

When you buy a tire-wheel package, you’re getting a pairing that’s expertly chosen by the retailer. Size is an obvious criterion, but durability and performance are also key. You may notice that most packages feature all-terrain tires – that’s primarily because of their versatility and traction on multiple types of surfaces. The majority of packages also contain aluminum alloy wheels because they weigh less than their steel counterparts. However, you may find steel wheels on specialized packages. If you’re not sure what best suits your Jeep, your retailer may offer recommendations.

Aluminum Vs. Steel Wheels

As you mull your Jeep wheel and tire package options, you may wonder where to select steel or aluminum wheels. Before you buy, you should consider a couple of different factors: weight and strength. Steel wheels are heavier than aluminum in most cases, but there are some exceptions. And while the weight difference on an individual wheel may not seem like a big deal, those extra pounds can add up when you equip all four rims.

Steel wheels are typically thought to be stronger than aluminum. However, this isn’t true in every case. Forged aluminum wheels are rarer on the current market, but they offer the best of both worlds – superb strength with less weight. Keep in mind that they can be much more expensive than other wheels. Ultimately, you’ll want to use load ratings as a guide. Make sure you don’t just use your vehicle’s dry weight to decide – you must factor in the weight of your cargo, truck winch and any other gear you choose.

Tires and Wheels on Lifted Jeeps

You already know that a body or suspension lift is one of the most common Jeep upgrades. Equipping bigger tires is a typical reason. After all, larger tires offer better traction and can handle obstacles more readily than their smaller cousins. Off-road performance parts retailers also understand this – and that’s why you’ll find a wider selection of sizes when shopping for Jeep tires and wheel packages.

Tires and wheels add a lot to your off-road vehicle’s handling, stability and safety. They also impact where you can go – and where you can’t. Check out your favorite off-road parts retailer for a wide range of packages that can help meet your performance goals.

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