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Crackle is an online video streaming service owned by Chicken Soup for Soul. Its library includes acquired and original content from Telugu movies and other mainstream Hindi shows. The service also offers a wide selection of Asian movies and television shows from India and abroad. The service is accessible in more than 21 countries across connected mobile devices such as mobile, smart phones, tablets, desktops, and gaming consoles. The global popularity of Crackle owes much to the variety and quality of its offerings, which have earned it more than 3 million subscribers.

In addition to the ever-growing catalog of Indian and international movies and television shows, Crackle offers a variety of international music videos. A recent search on YouTube brought about over two hundred videos, many of which were uploaded by fans of Indian pop band Vishal. Other notable uploads include videos from Japanese rock band Wild Noise, rapper B-roc, and rapper Chvrches. Many of these videos are available for free viewing on the official Crackle site and others are available for paid membership access. To date, more than four hundred and fifty videos have been added to the list.

As one enters the Crackle home page, they will find multiple lists of ongoing and past events, along with links to popular TV shows such as Boardroom. The On Demand section of the site features movies and TV shows that are already downloaded to users’ computers. Free downloads are also available for users of Crackle’s On Demand service.

Apart from On Demand movies and TV shows, Crackle also offers a huge database of music videos. The Crackle music library can be found by going to the ” Movies” and “TV Shows” sections of the site. Within the music and movie sections, there are links to pay-per-download purchases. These purchases cost about twenty dollars per month or about ten dollars per week. In addition to movies and music videos, Crackle offers a huge database of short video clips that are accessible through their On Demand service.

In addition to the On Demand offerings, Crackle also has an incredible selection of sports and news programming. News channels include CNN and ESPN. Most video searches for sports and television shows end at the Crackle home page, but there is a comprehensive collection of sportscasters on the Crackle Main channel. Many sports coverage sites include streaming audio and video for those who are unable to view the matches live through On Demand.

With all the video content available through Crackle, it is clear that there is no end in sight of the amount of internet traffic Crackle and its members generate each day. Users who sign up for a free crackle account can choose from an incredible catalog of over one million TV shows, movies, music, documentaries and sports. The Crackle membership gives users access to more than three hundred and fifty channels including premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, Fubu TV, Mediobar, Total Sports, Versus, Spike, E! and many others. In addition to movies and music videos, users can also find pay-per-view movies and episodes of popular television shows.

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