Elegant Lighting Designs To Embellish Your Workplace At Home

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, not many people have resumed going back to their office and are only expected to work from home for some time more. The whole work from home scenario forced people to come up with makeshift workstations and it is frankly not a smart way to work without adequate lighting.

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If you are required to focus on your work for 6 hours or more, you need to draw a clear line between your workspace and the rest of the household. A few decor elements become an essential inclusion to your workspace because: of the functionality quotient they bring to the table. Now, we tell you about two simple yet very effective lighting fixtures – table lamps and wall lights- that can completely transform your workstation.

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Table lamps

Table lamps can be key during your working hours and as many experts suggest, adequate lighting can inspire productivity too. If your work requires you to be on a screen for the entire duration then you need to make sure you have sufficient secondary lighting to avoid damage to your eyesight. Now take a look at The White Teak’s picks for your workspace as we make you realize that functional decor elements can be quite ravishing too.

  1. Day For a Knight: One of the best selling pieces from our ceramic collection, this table lamp is an amazing choice for your desk. Not too loud, not too subtle, the design is easy on the eyes and the white lampshade too is quite subtle and will go with any existing decor in your workspace. Both the lamp and its brightness will not distract you from work.Visit This Site: eblogz
  2. Soup for the Soul: Now this is one of our most unconventional pieces that offer an edge over the rest of the collection. With its minimalistic and practical design, Soup for the Soul comes with a smart LED inside an imposing white globe. Adjustable colours, adjustable brightness and a design that’s not too distracting, this piece becomes a must-buy for your workstation.
  3. Game is Done: This is a piece for the people who look for class in their decor. Exceptional design, high functionality quotient, Game is Done also comes with dimmable LED to suit your mood and needs at any given time. The matte brown finished on two metal columns create an elegant atmosphere for your work.

Wall lights

When you’re looking forward to having a minimalist or a space-saving workspace, then a wall light is your best option for ample secondary lighting. We bring to you the best LED wall lights from the extensive range of The White Teak Company to make your workstation as functional as possible.

  1. Wear it Well: One of our bestselling pieces from the collection, this wall light is as classy and as minimalistic as it gets. A very subtle yet elegant inclusion to your workstation, this beauty in a glossy gold colour scheme offers ample lighting to your space and won’t tire your eyes out even if you have to work for longer durations.
  2. Single Life: A very simple yet effective design, Single Life can blend into any kind of existing decor that adorns your workstation. Equipped with a smart LED inside a white globe, you can adjust the brightness and the colour as you like. This becomes a must buy if you have very meagre natural light in the room you choose to work.
  3. It’s a Must: As the name suggests, this piece of decor becomes a must-buy because of its high functionality quotient and also the elegance and opulence it can lend to your workstation. LED embedded in a glossy golden frame, this sleek wall light offers an enchanting and inspiring design that can definitely motivate you and boost your productivity.If You Need More Information’s check This Link:   gram24

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