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Many people find it difficult to handle the braces in their teeth. They know that they will come off soon. Then, they can eat the food items they want to have. You should remember one thing that your dental treatment has not been completed yet.

After keeping the braces in your teeth, the dentist will check your teeth’ condition regularly. Soon, the dentist will remove the braces after few months, and the next phase is retention.

A critical phase involves wearing an orthodontic substance known as a retainer. There are several kinds of retainers online available. On the other hand, the dentist designs a custom retainer according to your needs.

You should follow these things carefully on the recommendation of the dentist and ask him or her how long you have to wear them. In this situation, what is the process to handle things?

What is the need for a retainer, if teeth are straight?

Many people ask this common question if their teeth are straight. Then, what is the need they should wear the retainer in their mouth? The teeth are not rigidly kept in your mouth.

With the help of the periodontal ligaments, the network of fiber helps the teeth to maintain their place in the mouth. However, the teeth move from the existing place in the mouth.

It takes several months for the periodontal ligaments to place the teeth in their right position. You want to maintain your smile then you have to make efforts and spend money to buy the retainers.

Furthermore, you have to remember one thing-wearing a retainer is not a waste of your efforts and money. The dentist places the retainers in your mouth on the same day after removing the braces in the mouth.

A thorough cleaning of your teeth has done and then an X-ray of your teeth is conducted to check how the braces have worked on your teeth. Soon, the process of fitting the retainer starts after checking all these necessary things related to your teeth.

Retainers & their types

There are three types of retainers available. Furthermore, these three of them work well in different situations in supporting your teeth well. The three types of retainers are as follows:

  • Hawley Retainer: The so-called and the common retainer that has used by the majority of the dentist is the Hawley Retainer. Tongue-shaped and thin stuff comes in acrylic molded form. It fits in your mouth and a wire is present that holds your teeth in the correct position. The Hawley Retainers are can simple and durable. You can easily remove them and do the adjustments to that correct the tooth movements.
  • Essix Retainer: Essix retainer has manufactured from BPA-free plastic smooth material. Additionally, this retainer is similar to the Invisalign aligner. The company does the manufacturing of Vivera clean retainers and Invisalign.
  • Fixed Retainer: The other name is the fixed retainer is the permanent retainer. Furthermore, it has a thin wire in it that has bonded to the teeth’ backside. You have to take care of it. It stays in your teeth for years and even for decades too. Your orthodontist determines whether you need a permanent retainer or not. He or she chooses the best thing to protect your beautiful smile. You have a permanent retainer in your mouth. Then, you should follow all the guidelines that your dentist has told you. You must take care of it.

How can you take care of your orthopedic retainer?

You have got your retainers after removal braces. Then, you should follow these simple tips to take care of the orthopedic retainer.

  • You have a fixed retainer in your mouth. Then, you should brush and floss properly around it. However, the wire that has been installed in it may accumulate food items like in your braces. It is essential to take care of oral hygiene too.
  • Keep the retainer case along with you. It is necessary for those people who do not wear permanent retainers. They do not wear these retainers then they should keep them safely in the case.
  • Before eating or drinking something, you should remove your retainers carefully. However, you consume food items that may stick in your teeth can cause tooth decay. Therefore, you should take out the retainers carefully before taking meals.
  • You are not aware of how to clean your retainers. It is simple to do it take a soft bristle brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can brush it carefully whenever you brush your teeth. For deep cleaning purposes, you can take a retainer cleaner. Remove your retainers from your mouth and soak in the water that contains the retainer cleaner liquid.
  • Avoid storing your retainers in hot drinks or hot vehicles. However, it can affect the positioning of your teeth in the mouth.
  • However, your retainer has become loose. You have to visit your dentist and fix things immediately. The dentist will do replacement retainers.

List of things that you avoid doing with your retainers

Earlier, we have discussed how to keep the retainers clean and safe. There are things that you should avoid doing with your retainers and it includes:

  • You should not stop wearing your retainer. Still, you have any queries regarding and discuss it with your orthodontist.
  • To prevent your retainer damage, you should avoid eating and drinking while wearing your retainer.
  • Do not leave your retainer at a place where there are chances that your pet could damage it.
  • You should chew or play with the retainer.
  • Avoid keeping your retainer inside a hot place like a car.
  • Keep your retainer carefully in its case. We keep them in a napkin and then accidently losses them. To avoid such a situation, you should keep the retainer in the box while not wearing it.
  • Do not keep your retainer dirty. You should clean, brush and floss the retainer daily.


You have bonded with the retainer. Do not worry within few years the dentist will remove them. It happens when your teeth come in the correct position in your mouth. Wear the retainer after discussing things with your dentist.

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