Explainer video trends in 2021

Every year, new tools appear, methods of interaction between the manufacturer and the client. Explanatory video trends have already started to be used in marketing, which has allowed many companies to significantly increase sales, despite the financial crisis and a difficult quarantine situation. What to expect from 2021, what needs to be done today and what is the key factor in the success of an advertising video – we will consider further within the framework of the material.

Why explainer videos are popular?

It’s fair to start with why explainer videos have become so popular. It’s no secret that this is one of the most effective marketing tools that is developing rapidly. The main reasons to buy explainer video are as follows:

  • ease of presentation and perception of information about technology, products, companies and more;
  • high rates of material assimilation;
  • a simplified form of interaction within the company;
  • product presentations, explanations of new approaches, reports and much more, available in an easy-to-understand format.

While watching a video, a person perceives not only sound, but also visually. In addition, using effects can draw the user’s attention to certain details, which will help influence the behavioral factors of potential customers.

Top trends in 2021

Analyzing the data of search engines, you can see that the audience is more inclined to interact with animated commercials. On the one hand, you do not need to strain to understand the essence of the information presented in the video, and on the other hand, new information is perceived quickly and evokes associations during repeated interaction with the client. In turn, a more trusting relationship is established between the company and the consumer, which directly affects sales. But this all works only if the video is made with high quality. A few tips will help you understand how it should be in order to keep up with the trends of 2021.

Optimized for mobile

More and more traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the issue of adaptability to different smartphone models is key. After all, if the user is presented with even a very interesting proposal, but in an inconvenient format, the video will not be useful and will not be watched to the end.

Interactive and personalized videos

Interactive videos aimed at a specific category of users are an effective advertising tool that makes a profit. Allowing the user to control the process as they watch the video, will make it more effective. The bottom line is that training videos, as a rule, should be concise and carry as much information as possible. But it is not always possible to fit everything you need into a video that lasts 40 seconds. Larger training materials can be supplemented with the ability to quickly return to a specific viewing location, to consolidate the material for better assimilation.

Snack Content 

Whether it’s advertising a new product, service, or presenting information of any kind, it’s important that the content is useful to the viewer. Therefore, an interesting and fascinating video that can intrigue the user initially is a project doomed to success.

The Mix of 2D & 3D Animations

The possibilities of computer graphics and processing never cease to amaze. 3d animation explainer video has been popular for a long time, but it costs more. But in combination with simpler 2D graphics, you can save your budget and get a high-quality product, which, with due effort, will become one of the market trends.

Animated Videos For Website Background

Animated videos can be used not only as material that is posted on social networks, video hosting or search engines. An animated background video will give individuality and uniqueness to any site, which will not affect the page loading speed, but will improve the site’s recognition rate.

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