Farmapram: for Whom, Why and How to Take?

Farmapram is one of the most popular and effective drugs for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and other neurotic conditions. In the article, we will figure out who can take this drug, dosage, possible side effects, and analogous medicines.

Farmapram is a synthetic medicine, which belongs to the group of tranquilizers from the group of benzodiazepine derivatives. It has both anxiolytic and sedative, anticonvulsant, soporific, and central muscle relaxant effects. At first glance, this is a harmless tranquilizer that will help a person easily and quickly overcome neuroses, various psychological disorders, and depressions.

But before using Farmparm, it is very important to learn more information about its effect, dosages, possible side effects, and what analogs of this drug can be found on the market.

What is the effect of Farmapram?

Farmapram is used to treat neuroses, as well as in the complex treatment of anxiety disorders which are accompanied by depression. It can also be used in cases of panic disorders in combination with phobias or in states of anxiety and neurotic depression caused by somatic diseases.

Farmapram has a more perceptible anxiolytic effect, accompanied by a decrease in emotional stress, fear, anxiety, as well as a decrease in the number of panic attacks. However, the complete disappearance of panic attacks was achieved only in less than a third of cases of drug use, even with long-term use.

It has a moderate hypnotic effect, which is associated with the suppression of reticular cells. This is accompanied by a shortening of the time of falling asleep, a decrease in the number of night awakenings, and reduces the number of emotional and other stimuli that disrupt the mechanism of falling asleep.

In some cases, Farmaparm can also be used as part of treatment for chemotherapy-induced vomiting. In endogenous depression, Farmaparm can be used in combination with antidepressants.

What are the dosages of Farmapram?

When taken orally, Farmapram is rapidly absorbed and distributed in the body. The maximum concentration in the blood is reached within 1-2 hours. It is recommended to use Farmapram 2-3 times a day, regardless of food intake. Doses are selected depending on the severity of symptoms, individual sensitivity, and response to the drug. Taking the Farmparm should be started with the minimum dose – 0.5 mg 3 times a day, the highest daily dose – 10 mg. Those, who have not previously taken psychoactive drugs respond to the drug in lower doses compared to patients taking antidepressants, anxiolytics, or alcoholism.

Duration of admission – up to 3 months. If it is necessary to discontinue therapy, the dose is gradually reduced by 0.5 mg every 3 days. The half-life of Farmapram from the body is 12-15 hours, with impaired liver and kidney function, this time may increase.

Important! Patients are strictly prohibited from using ethanol and taking Alcohol during treatment with Farmaparm.

What side effects are possible from taking Farmapram?

It is important to know, that the use of Farmapram can develop psychological dependence, especially in people with emotionally unstable and passive-dependent types of personality disorder. This may be accompanied by abuse of the drug, as well as serious side effects with abrupt withdrawal of the drug.

Below we list the side effects:

  • Possible allergic rashes, in particular — rash, itching, and nasal congestion;
  • On the part of the digestive system nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea or heartburn are possible;
  • Loss of concentration, memory impairment, space disorientation, and headaches;
  • People with a weak cardiovascular system have a risk of tachycardia and unstable blood pressure;
  • There may be cases of difficulty urinating, falling libido, and menstrual irregularities;
  • Farmaparm can have a toxic effect on the fetus and increases the risk of congenital malformations when used in the first trimester of pregnancy. That is why, during pregnancy, Farmaparm and its analogs can be used only in exceptional cases and only for “vital” indications.
  • As space disorientation is possible, the risk of falls, bruises, and fractures increases.

Note! There is no antidote from Farmapram. In case some of the side effects happen, it is necessary to stop using the drug and consult a doctor.

How can to buy Pharmparm in different countries of the world?

Since Pharmaparm is a tranquilizer, in many countries of the world it is sold in limited quantities, by prescription of a psychiatrist or under other names.

The drug is available in the form of tablets, jelly capsules, and 0.01% solution. The most common Pharmapram analogs:

Alzam Tafil Xanor Helex Retard
Azor Zypraz Xanax Alpram


Neurosis and depression will not go away on their own. Such people often need help, including medication. Therefore, it is very important to buy such drugs only with a doctor’s prescription.

And despite the worldwide proven effectiveness of Farmapram, it is necessary to carefully study the dosage and possible side effects.

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