Five Destinations to Consider for a Perfect Italian Wedding

Italy is a very popular location among foreigners when they are planning their nuptials. It is a country and culture that has been immortalised as one that greatly celebrates romance and love.

There are many reasons why Italy makes the perfect wedding location, such as the favourable climate and the deliciously popular cuisine.  However, perhaps the strongest factor is that Italy can cater to a broad spectrum of style, tastes, and budgets. The vast countryside, cities and azure blue coastlines mean that there is something to suit every couple. Here are five locations to consider when planning the perfect Italian wedding.

1. Rome

It goes without saying that Rome as the capital city remains a traditional favourite for destination weddings in Italy. The city itself is a continuous outdoor museum of ancient ruins and endless picturesque backdrops. It is brimming with chapels and churches and piazzas. However, not far from the city centre, you will discover the beautiful rolling hills of the Lazio region along with wonderful lakes and valleys, all of which would make for ideal locations for an outdoor wedding in the summer months.

2. Venice

Venice is another clear favourite among couples from abroad who a looking to plan the perfect Italian wedding. It is a location that is immortalized in the movies as a city of whimsical romance, gondola rides and ancient streets. Its status is reinforced by the fact that many Hollywood stars choose to marry here also. If you are looking for a stylish hotel or a grand villa along the waterfront with stunning historical views this is the place to go.

3. Milan

Milan is a city associated with class and sophistication. It is certainly an ideal place to consider for a couple who want a more traditional and elegant wedding ceremony. With plenty of churches and stylish hotels it can cater equally to religious and civil ceremonies.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to be outside of the city, Lake Como is located approximately fifty kilometres from Milan. It offers ample number of villas and hotels situated along the resorts of lake shores, which would make perfect venues to exchange vows.

4. Sicily

Sicily is full of rugged charm and a sure winner if you are looking to plan a charming, rustic wedding ceremony. Whether you are searching for a location along the dramatic coast or a quaint hill top town, you are sure to find a place to suits you tastes on this beautiful island. Here you will easily create the quintessential Italian wedding of your dreams.

5. Puglia

Puglia is a hidden gem. Located in the south east of Italy, it is a region that is growing in popularity at the moment. It has much to offer those planning a destination wedding. The area is well known for its instantly recognisable trulli, small cone shaped buildings, and renovated farmhouses. Such setting would make for a wonderful countryside.  On the other hand, you can find beautiful old fortress towns built along the coast with fantastic squares, chapels and hotels. There really is something for every kind of couple in Pulgia.

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