Going Solar

If you are interested in going solar, whether big or small, now is the best time because prices of solar equipment are lower than before, more options are available especially for small and mobile systems.

More and more people are using the suns power to generate electricity, with solar equipment becoming more reliable and smaller so it is easier to move around on your property and go mobile for camping or tiny living.

Now you can buy

 small plug and play solar kits for anything as long as the solar kit has enough wattage to handle what you are trying to power. From powering a pond aeration kit for a farm pond or even a decorative solar fountain for a farm pond. A standby electrical outlet for when the power goes out or a mobile solar kit for camping. As long as you have sun you can use solar kits, or with an added small battery for back up when there is cloud cover.

Smaller compact solar panels paired with inverters and solar controller or inverters with charge controllers for a battery system, make it easy to move around your pond or take with you on an off-grid camping trip where you don’t have access to electricity. Also convenient for off-grid tiny house living where you can mover around easily for maximum sun exposure. These kits come with collapsible angle brackets for the panels for easy set up and storage.

The solar pond aeration kits come with air pumps in 5 sizes, mini, small, medium, large and extra-large, depending on the size of your pond. This is a convenient plug and play system that is suitable for remote ponds that have no access to electricity and the cost to put in an electrical line would be astronomical. Ponds need aeration to keep it healthy and balanced and to prevent the build up of sludge and muck.

Our easy plug and play mini off grid systems are great for camping, are very compact and very easy to set up. As long as you have access to the sun, you have electricity for your small appliances and wireless devices. These compact solar panels are a ¼ of the size of regular solar panels, so easy to travel with and so simple to connect several in a row that will supply adequate power for all your camping needs.

For Tiny House use, we have larger compact systems that are also easy to travel with, light weight, easy plug and play set up. Our medium size panels can connect several in a row for maximum power and still half the size of a regular solar panel.

For additional power we also can adapt our solar kits for battery back on days when full sun is not available and also can add power into the night. 

So many options available to suite any off grid solar needs, with or without a battery backup. Going solar whether large or small is more economical these days and is part of the green movement, so get on board and go solar!!

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