HiPP vs Holle Formula: Guide for Parents

Infant formula is baby food carefully designed to meet the needs of the baby’s body. These products can help feed your baby, and sometimes they become the only alternative to breastfeeding. But how do you sort out their variety?

If it is time for formula feeding, the baby formula becomes the most important product. Today there are many varieties of nutrition for infants and toddlers. Choosing the right one isn’t the easiest, but it’s a very significant task.

Unfortunately, there is no universal formula that is suitable for all babies. Each child requires an individual approach to the selection of nutrition. So it makes little sense to rely on the advice and feedback of other mothers. The only person who can help in the choice is the pediatrician who sees the baby.

HIPP baby food

Hipp PRE or Hipp 1 is suitable for newborns on formula feeding. From 4 months of age onwards, you can give your baby Hipp vegetable puree and a few scoops of Hipp fruit puree for lunch. Evening milk feedings are gradually replaced with milk porridge.

At six or seven months, the baby’s diet consists of milk food, Baby-Meal (vegetable, meat, and fruit purees), and milk porridge. In the afternoon, the baby is given milk food, gradually replacing it with Hipp cereal porridge. In between feedings, you can give fruit puree or Hipp juice.

At 8-12 months, your baby gets a can of Hipp fruit puree or fruit-grain porridge in the first half of the day. At lunchtime, you can gradually introduce Hipp meat puree so that the child gets used to coarser foods. In the afternoon, you can offer your baby Hipp cereal-fruit or milk porridge.

From the 12th month, the baby is given baby meat menus as a complete lunch. For dessert and between feeds, Hipp cereal-fruit porridge is ideal.

From the age of 1.5, the child can already participate in family breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Parents should take care of the baby’s varied and balanced diet, which should correspond to his/her age requirements.

Many parents have faced gastroesophageal reflux in babies. Hipp specialists have developed Hipp anti reflux formula suitable for babies from birth.

Holle baby food

European brand Holle offers organic baby food for infants from their very first days. This brand never uses artificial flavoring, dyes or preservatives, or refined sugar in its baby products. Holle Bio Pre or Holle Bio 1 is an excellent source of all essential nutrients for newborns. Infant formula comes in stages depending on the baby’s age and nutritional needs. A great option for many parents is that formula is also available based on goat’s milk and is suitable also from birth as well as cow’s based formula.

For babies over 4 months, Holle produces organic porridge in small, easily soluble flakes made from whole grains. These cereals can be prepared in different ways to diversify a baby’s diet. There are also cereal flakes for babies from 4 months of age and granola for the breakfast of little champions from 10 months. What about purees? They are made of vegetables, meat, and various menus with small pieces to encourage your baby to learn to chew food. Healthy snacks for active kids – breadsticks with added vegetables and spices, vitaminized cookies, fruit bars.

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