How can you deposit for mobile slot games?

Slot games used to be so simple – simply enter a coin into the slot, pull the lever and spin! That was a long time ago though and these days, there are tons of ways to play slot games at Wizardslots including on your mobile phone! Considering our smartphones don’t have coin slots, you might be wondering how can you deposit for mobile slot games? Well, don’t worry – there’s loads of ways and we’re going to tell you all about them. Read on to find out more – we’re going to be taking a look at:

          Standard Payment Methods

          Pay by Mobile Bill


Standard Payment Methods

Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way – you can deposit for mobile slot games with all of the classic payment methods you have ever used, and this includes bank cards! Don’t forget that in order to deposit cash, you will always have to verify your identity by uploading images of your ID, much like when you sign up to a land-based casino. You probably know all of this, so let’s take a look at some more futurist payment methods.


Another fantastic way to deposit cash for mobile slot games is to use what is called an eWallet. These are essentially online finance accounts that you can deposit money into and spend on the internet. This might sound like mumbo jumbo but we bet you’ve used an eWallet without even realizing it – ever heard of PayPal? PayPal is a fantastic option as it is fee free, but there are tons of other options such as Skrill and Trustly. Simply link your eWallet to your mobile slot game and you will never have to enter that card number again!

Pay by Mobile Bill

One last pick that we simply couldn’t avoid including is ‘pay by mobile’. This is a truly cutting-edge payment method and slot games are at the forefront of this technology. Pay by mobile services allow you to pay for mobile slot deposits using your mobile phone bill! Simply create an account with a pay by mobile service, link it to your favourite mobile slot site and you will be good to go! This might all sound a bit weird, but there are tons of reasons people love to pay by mobile:

          Why have a separate phone bill for two things that use the same smartphone? Pay by mobile services merge the two avoiding a lot of confusion

          It can be REALLY convenient – no longer will you ever have to type in your debit card details!

          Some phone providers gift additional credit that just sits and gathers dust. Don’t let it go to waste – use it to play slots!

Mobile Deposit Methods

Overall, there are tons of ways to deposit cash into your mobile slot game of choice. Whether you choose to keep it old-school with your bank card, get yourself an eWallet or dive into the world of pay by mobile, we are sure there is a payment method that suits you. Do some research – only you can choose the option right for you!

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