How do Beginners Start Social Media Marketing?

In this era of technology, with the advantage of the internet, many social media has been established. It’s now commonplace to use social media for marketing, and more and more companies are actually running their business on these platforms. But, there may be some people who do not get the effect as expected and just update it for the time being.

Indeed, successful social media marketing all depends on your strategy. In order to actually achieve results in social media marketing, some points must be kept in mind. That’s why the article will explain the success of social media marketing so that a beginner can start their journey by taking a Social media marketing panel.

What is social media marketing?

Social marketing is a digital marketing activity that communicates with consumers through popular SNS (social networking service), promotes brand understanding, acquires fans, and leads to purchasing.

Actually, the spread of social media has made it easier for consumers and businesses to disseminate information through social media. So it is attracting a great deal of attention as a new channel for connecting consumers and businesses. Social media marketing has been introduced. The number of companies that have this service is increasing year by year.

In addition, if you can create positive empathy through word-of-mouth and reviews by consumers. It will become a big topic, and it will also have the advantage of increasing awareness, improving your image, and increasing sales.

Effective Way to Carry Out Social Media Marketing:

Now that you know the social media marketing method, what kind of flow should you proceed to actually carry out social marketing? Precisely, as a beginner, you should move with social media marketing in the following flow.

  •       Decide the purpose of social media marketing.
  •       Decide which social media and method to use to achieve the purpose
  •       Set the target audience to achieve your goals
  •       Establish an operating system and implement measures
  •       Analyze from data and utilize it for following measures

List of social media that must be suppressed

To start social media marketing, you must first select your media. Various media have appeared in recent years, but let me introduce some of them this time.


It is the best social media in the world and is used by 71% of Internet users. The number of active users continues to increase globally, and even compared to other social media, it is widely accepted by people in their teens to 50s. There is also a Facebook advertisement that can be used on a low budget and for campaign measures.


A photo-sharing service that appeared as an iPhone app in 2010. There are reports that the number of monthly active users exceeded 300 million in December 2014, surpassing Twitter.

There are many photo processing filters, and it is attractive that anyone can publish photos like a designer. Although it is still rarely used by companies, there are many examples of it being used by apparel makers and physical stores, where it is easy to convey the appeal of photos.


There are many younger generation users for both men and women, especially women in their 20s. It is one of the communications you can easily participate in because the number of characters is fixed at 140.

For information on marketing strategies for other social media platforms, check out the infographic below!

Infographic created by Clover, a POS system company

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