How Do Contractor Lift Damaged and Sunken Concrete Floors?

Concrete lifting methods are used for various buildings, such as malls, schools, hospitals, and other public structures. There are many advantages in using concrete lifting methods, which include the following. First, they are faster and easier to use than manual lifting methods. Also, they are cheaper than manual lifting methods, and the process can be completed more quickly.

Concrete Lifting Plan

Most concrete lifting methods work by raising a level of concrete or other material up and over another object. The first step is to determine the maximum weight that can be lifted using the system. This will depend on the type of object to be lifted because objects have varying weights. Once the weight is determined, the next step of the process involves setting the level of the material against the surface to be lifted.

The Best Approach to Concrete Leveling

There are two main types of Fargo concrete lifting methods – drum lifting and poly level concrete lifting methods. Both methods use drum pads underneath the elevated surface, which extend above ground level and provide the necessary tensile strength. In addition, both drum pads also create a slight incline that helps the material be lifted with ease. This is important in several situations, including repairing sunken concrete slabs, repairing damaged roads, or installing stairs.

Concrete Floor Repair

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One of the most popular types of foundation repairs is repairing concrete floors standing in cracks or holes. It’s not always easy to determine if a particular floor is standing simply because it doesn’t show any signs of wear. Unfortunately, it’s often impossible to know if a floor is damaged until it has actually deteriorated to where structural steel is needed to repair it. For this reason, concrete repair workers need to be aware of the hazards of standing on concrete floors, which include the possibility of a collapse. Fortunately, concrete floors can be made into a safe standing condition through poly-level concrete pads.

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If you’re wondering how this method works, it’s quite simple. It’s designed to allow professional concrete movers to slip under a damaged slab and lift it up with a pair of hydraulic arms. It works perfectly well for straight and curved slabs, as the process doesn’t require the concrete to be perfectly straight. These robotic arms are designed to gently pump concrete into place on either side of a damaged foundation, ensuring that the entire floor is covered in just the right amount of concrete so that it can be safely supported while it’s being lifted. 


Another type of Concrete Lifting method involves injecting polyurethane into the ground. To explain this method, you need first to understand what polyurethane is. Polyurethane is a clear, plastic liquid injected into certain concrete spots to create a temporary barrier that keeps moisture in the ground. Once this process is complete, the concrete is permanently set into place thanks to polyurethane’s curing properties. This is an intelligent option with commercial concrete vendors who want to create an instant seal but cannot because of the elements.

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