How students can cope with a 5-page essay faster

Essays are among the most common written tasks students get in high school, university, and elsewhere. They seem tricky to write when you are a beginner, and when you get more experienced, you start understanding there are several hacks to ease the process. However, from time to time, these hacks are not helpful when you have to deal with short deadlines and rare topics. In such cases, there is a working alternative to apply to an essay writing service. These services professionally resolve complicated written issues and support students on essays, term papers, case studies, speeches, and countless other assignments. While you might still consider which option is better, you can read more ideas on how students can cope with a 5-page essay faster.

Prepare for writing

You would need to form a strict plan of actions and follow it to succeed. This hack is first, as without understanding the requirements of your future essay, you would not get a great result. The preparation stage of writing a 5-page essay would include such stages as:

  • Reading instructions from the professor

Start with clarifying the core requirements for the forthcoming paper. If you would make everything correct from the beginning, you would sufficiently ease the process. Once you are clear on the requirements, you would be confident you know how to polish your paper to perfection.

  • Defining a topic

The teacher’s instructions could come together with the selection of topics suggested to you. Another situation is when you have to state a topic by yourself and define the actual areas to investigate in your 5-page essay. The topic is essential to choose following your preferences. Your essay would benefit if you wrote about a subject that touches you and engages you in investigating the topic deeper.

  • Research relevant materials (online and offline)

Research would include going through several sources that correlate with the chosen topic. The main criterion to select a source is its reliability. Essays on particular disciplines require fact-checking on the highest level. Be careful when including historical dates, scores, statistics, and other similar details by double-checking their credibility.

Create an outline

For a perfect 5-page essay, you need to create at least a brief outline to mark the essential points. Provide each of the forthcoming sections with short explanations of your thoughts. This outline would result in a working draft for your paper. It may sound unusual, but these actions would economize your working time. The core sections of an essay are the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Make sure the outline contains enough materials to draft each of these sections. Another vital hack is to not forget to follow the logical narrative. It is essential for large essays to keep track of the narrative and avoid repeating your statements.

Take time for editing

As the 5-page essay is quite a large paper, you would require planning some hours to proofread it patiently. Check the content and double-check the facts you included. Make sure it is cohesive and there are enough transition words. Then work on style and formatting following the teacher’s instructions. The final stage of editing would include checking grammar, spelling, and possible mistypes.

These core tips will help you write and refine a 5-page essay. Use them and see how your writing performance improves.

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