How to be good at Football?

A professional footballer is a player on a soccer team whose main goal is to win the match. To do this, you need to score goals into the opponent’s goal and try not to let into your own. If you are a person who likes to stay low-key and go for online sports then แทงบอลออนไลน์ is the platform for you.

What kind of training to pay attention to for football?

Training is an essential part of becoming a true and professional athlete. What’s happening on the pitch is a reflection of what you’ve learned in training. An excellent analogy would be a performance by a large orchestra, where all the work takes place at rehearsals, and at concerts the viewer sees only a demonstration performance.

Training Workouts

So which workouts should you pay the most attention to? We will not list everything and recommend that you explore the thematic channels on YouTube, of which there are many. And as for the workouts available for everyone, our list will be as follows:

For strength training, focus on the chest press and deadlift. Main goal: to develop the muscles of the chest, back, quadriceps and thighs. Pay attention to the correctness of the exercises and try to work with maximum weight, doing no more than 5 repetitions.

The best quality of a Footballer

A very important quality for a footballer is endurance, so pay special attention to it, because the best footballers can spend 120 minutes on the field with short breaks, and then shoot a penalty. As for the exercises themselves, we recommend this selection: two sprints of 150 meters, with the goal of keeping within 20 seconds each, and as endurance develops, increase the distance and the number of approaches. The break between sets is 30 seconds, and between series of sprints – 3-5 minutes.
Train to speed up and keep your heart rate high for a short time. When playing football, short bursts of explosive speed and dynamics are often used. Such conditions can be prepared by training of appropriate intensity and duration.

A few words about the importance of nutrition for a football player

Real professionals always eat right and keep track of their calories! For successful muscle growth, you need a lot of protein. To make it easier for you, use the classic formula: a third of the entire serving is protein. And in order for the protein to be as useful as possible, it is best to eat lean food: chicken, fish, beans. It is recommended to eat a vegetarian meal a couple of times a week, as soy is a plant source of lean proteins.

The required number of calories depends on the position on the field. A light and quick-footed player will need about 3000-5000 calories during training, and a ram-type striker will need up to 8000 calories. But keep in mind that these numbers are relevant for those who spend whole days in training, otherwise you can gain unhealthy mass very quickly.

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