How to best manage your emotions

Emotions, which can be described as a psychological and behavioral reaction to an external or internal factor, can become a nightmare if you can’t control them. They can damage your self-confidence, destroy your relationships, and degrade your work life, among other things. But you can decide to control your emotions, rather than suffer them! Let’s have a look at the best ways to manage your emotions. 

Identify and recognize your emotions

To better control your emotions, you first need to acknowledge them by learning how to identify and recognize them. Joy, fear, jealousy, happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust, and guilt are examples of human emotions. Knowing about them can help you identify your emotions and the signals that they send to your body and mind.

Understand which kind of emotions have the greatest impact on you

Let’s use anxiety as an example, as it is a very common mental health issue. While health companies can provide drugs to treat generalized anxiety disorders, you should also learn and understand why you feel anxious, so then you can anticipate and reduce its impact on your life. Maybe anxiety is secondary to another emotion, such as embarrassment or disappointment. The general idea here is to understand your emotions to better anticipate them and be prepared to deal with them. 

Aim to better control your emotions, not repress them

Its important to understand here the difference between controlling your emotions and suppressing them, as you need to find the right balance between overwhelming emotions and no emotions. You shouldn’t want to repress your feelings and emotions, as you wont be able to experience them at all. You want to learn to exercise control over your emotions to avoid them having a toxic impact on your life. Still, you need to accept all your emotions, get comfortable with them, and work towards not reacting to them in extreme ways.

Adopt a zen attitude

Being able to remain calm and balanced in all circumstances will greatly help you control your emotions. To adopt a zen attitude, try to slow down, think positive, practice compassion, mediate, and learn breathing exercises. These few tips will help you transform your anger, stress, sadness, or any other emotions into positive energy that can be used to reach peace and tranquility.

Keep a mood/emotions journal

A very useful exercise to better identify and control the negative emotions that impact your life is to keep a mood journal. This type of journaling will help you track and understand your emotions, as well as take action around your feelings to avoid being ruled by strong emotions. Putting down things on paper often helps you see the root causes behind your emotions and find solutions quicker and easier.


Strong emotions and mood swings lead to unhealthy reactions and behavior that can truly hurt your life. If you’re reading this post because you want to work on improving this aspect of yourself, congrats – this is the first step! If you feel truly overwhelmed by your emotions, you might want to seek professional support to help you better engage in improving the way you deal with them.

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