How to Choose a Food Packaging Company: 5 Key Considerations

With the packaging being the first thing a consumer will see, making sure it is perfect can make all the difference. If you have got an idea of how to make your packaging stand out from the rest and perfectly compliment your tasty food offerings, it’s time to find someone who can bring your vision to life. Working with a trustworthy and reputable packaging company can keep things running smoothly, ensuring you receive quality packaging on time so your operations do not get held up.

Whether you’re looking for supermarket packaging for your product range, takeaway packaging for freshly cooked hot food or airtight packaging to keep your produce fresh, here are the 5 things to keep in mind when searching for a packaging supplier you can count on.

1. Keeping up with demand

Depending on the size of your business, the amount of food packaging you require will need to meet customer demand will differ. Before signing up to a contract, ensure you have asked all of the relevant questions and are confident that your supplier is able to prove their capabilities. As well as meeting demand, check that they work to food hygiene standards in order to be able to supply packaging for the food industry that abides with regulations.

2. Establish a realistic budget

As with any ongoing service, being sure that sufficient budget is allocated before you commit to a contract will avoid any costly problems. Comparing the cost per unit offered by different companies will allow you to make educated judgements and decide on the ideal solution for your business. Often, the more units you buy will mean a smaller cost per unit so having a guideline figure to work off will allow you to budget accordingly.

3. Design capabilities

As well as providing you with good quality packaging, can they make it your own? Standing out from your competitors with attractive packaging can make all the difference, adding some personal touches to enhance your brand image. Packaging companies with printing capabilities will mean you do not need to look elsewhere to achieve branded packaging that creates a professional feel and attractive finish.

4. Proven FDA approval

A manufacturer should go through FDA approval which consists of clinical testing to ensure that the product is fit for the intended use. Once certified, consumers can be sure that the product they are purchasing incurs more benefits than risks and that any food safety protocols are up to standard. Asking your chosen food packaging supplier wat certifications they have in advance can avoid deeper problems occurring down the line.

5. Keep transit time down

Although you may be able to bag a great deal from an overseas supplier, this may not be as cheap as it appears. Especially for larger orders or particularly frequent orders, shipping costs will increase the further away you are located. Start by assessing the packaging companies who are the most local to you to keep practicality at the forefront of your mind.

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