How to Clean an AC Like an Aircon Servicing Expert

Nothing beats an air conditioner (aircon) to create a chilly environment for your room. It has become an essential household appliance. As a result, you need to maintain it to keep up its efficiency. Find out how to clean AC according to an aircon servicing expert.

Cleaning split AC like aircon servicing expert

Regularly cleaning a split aircon is doable for most households. You only need to prepare these everyday household items, such as a large plastic bag, a dry cloth, and a vacuum cleaner.

Ensure your AC is dry

The first step is to ensure your aircon is dry before cleaning it. A dry aircon means there is no moisture on its components’ surface. You can dry it by turning on fan mode for 15-30 minutes before the actual cleaning.

If you do not use your aircon one or two hours before cleaning time, you can skip this step.

Find and read the user’s manual

You will need to open the front panel of the indoor unit. That is why you need to read the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer of your aircon. Within the user’s manual, find out how to lift or detach the front panel of your aircon. Removing the front panel allows you to locate the dirty air filter and clean it afterwards.

Turn off your aircon

You do not want any power from coming into your aircon while you clean it. Hence, turn off the unit completely before you start cleaning it. Then, unplug any cables from your aircon.

Place a plastic bag under the indoor unit

A plastic bag is handy to catch all the falling dirt. That prevents dust or water from making a mess on your wall or floor. All you have to do is lay a large plastic bag around the bottom of your indoor unit.

Detach the front panel of your indoor unit

After you cover the indoor unit, locate the latch to detach the front panel of your aircon. Next, lift it slowly like instructions provided by the manufacturer from the user’s manual. Wash that panel with running water, then let it dry naturally outside.

Clean the dirty air filter

The next step of how to clean the aircon is to clean the dirty air filter. Opening the front panel allows you to access the dirty air filter. Clean it by lift or unfasten the filters first.

Then, bring it outside and give it a good shake to shake off the dirt.

Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any remaining dirt on the filter. Soak them with water without soap afterwards.

Dry them all before attaching them back to the aircon

There is no need to rush after washing all the parts that you lift with running water. Use your dry cloth to wipe all those parts first. Then, allow them to dry naturally outside for 15-30 minutes.

Never dry them under direct sunlight since UV radiation exposure may not be good for its surface.

Unclog the drain line of your AC

Dirt can also accumulate within the drain line of your aircon. That is why you need to detach the drain line if it is possible. Afterwards, you can unclog it by vacuuming and flushing its inside.

Run your AC after attaching all the parts

After unclogging the drain line and allowing all the parts to dry outside, it is time to attach all those parts back. Then, run your aircon for 30 minutes at the lowest temperature to drain out any remaining moisture in your aircon.

The bottom line of how to clean your AC

You just learned how to give a regular cleaning to your aircon. Still, it does not replace professional aircon servicing. A professional and trusted aircon service contractor give your aircon a deep cleaning, not just cleaning the filters and its panels. For example, duct cleaning professionals in Ottawa have specialized equipment that can clean out the dust, debris, and pollution that’s invisible to the eye.

Besides servicing, they can also check your aircon regularly and give recommendations should they find any concerns. Hence, helping you to avoid hefty repair costs in the future.

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