How to complete assignments on time

It’s quite possible that while you’re reading these lines, somewhere, a deadline for some task is painfully burning up. You may be a student or an employee of a large corporation — we all often miss deadlines. Why does this happen? We asked the experts at assignmentshark. Let’s figure out how to get assignments done on time.

Time management

In order to study well, you need to learn how to manage time so that you can do everything — read a textbook, do your homework, go for a walk with friends, play sports, or do your hobbies.

Time management is one of the most important skills in the XXI century. The ability to allocate time will help in completing tasks, prioritizing, and achieving goals.

We have compiled an algorithm for you, following which you will be able to put all your affairs in order, achieve success, and have time for everything. It will also help you fight procrastination, which often prevents you from throwing away unnecessary things and getting down to business.

Make a to-do list

We keep many tasks in our mind — from a list of groceries to buy to homework assignments. This can make it seem like you don’t have time for anything, and studying takes up all the time. But this feeling is deceptive. It’s just that the brain is overloaded. By constantly scrolling through the tasks in our head, we have a fear of them and put everything on hold. If this happens to you, then it’s time to learn to plan your time.

If you want to get out of this vicious circle, you should make a list of all the tasks that you have. You should be more specific about the assignments. Don’t just write something like “do my science project”. You have to compile a detailed list of coping with your assignments. It will bring unbelievable pleasure to cross out the things you have already accomplished. After that, prioritize your tasks — things that need to be done urgently and those that can wait a little longer. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix to decide.

Remove all the distractions

Notifications on your phone, noisy neighbors, TV, your favorite series, music, interesting tabs on your computer — all these distract you from doing your tasks quickly. You get a message from a friend on Instagram, and an hour later, you find yourself watching a YouTube video about mysterious ship disappearances in the sea throughout the history of mankind. Take away all distractions. You can install blocking apps, limit access to entertainment websites, replace modern music with neo-classical or headphones with earmuffs.

Schedule time to complete tasks

Try to include the estimated completion time for each task, so you can learn to assess your resources and plan your day more effectively. Some tasks require three hours of work, while others will take only 15 minutes.

A time commitment allows you not to procrastinate. For example, by setting aside one hour for a math test, your brain will automatically try to fit in that amount of time. Knowing how to meet your time limit will come in handy on exams. Use a stopwatch to train your internal clock.

Benefit modern technologies

Modern devices do not exist for the sole purpose of scrolling through Instagram, taking selfies, and playing Cut the Rope. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have many functions designed to benefit people — multifunctional calendars, task planners, reminders, alarm clocks, e-readers, etc. There are also a lot of cool apps to assist you in finishing assignments faster. You can use apps for flashcards for preparing for exams, grammar checkers to proofread your essays, and 3D simulators for biology.

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