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How to evaluate a secure online purchase

Before making an online purchase, either stuff you must make sure that the abbreviation HTTPS is present in the address bar of the website, which indicates that the protocol used is safe because the data in transit are protected and encrypted.

It is good practice to verify the identity of the recipient of the payment. The company data must be clearly visible, in particular the name, the headquarters, the contacts and even the VAT number, in the case of an Italian seller.

To protect yourself from risks, the purchase must take place on reliable sites, such as the e-commerce most used by consumers. In most cases, these platforms are equipped with a very effective tool for evaluating the safety of an online purchase, namely the reviews of other customers who have already purchased that product, from that specific seller.

If, on the other hand, we buy online from a private individual, a few more precautions must be taken to avoid falling into the trap of a scam. To be sure that the item we want to buy is really in the seller’s possession, it is good to ask for detailed photos of the item and be wary of images taken from the web. Today, most smartphones and digital cameras have a GPS to store the geographical coordinates of the photo during the shot; a geotagged image will certainly offer more guarantees.

When to use prepaid cards for online purchases

It is always possible to use prepaid cards for online purchases, especially when you want to limit the damage related to the theft or cloning of the card. In fact, with the prepaid card, cash withdrawals and purchases cannot exceed the amount loaded in advance.

How to proceed with online purchases with the prepaid card or CVV card

Before proceeding with your online purchases, you need to top up  your prepaid card, which can be done in 5 simple steps . Once the prepaid card has been reloaded, to make the payment, just follow a few steps:

Access the payments section of the website.

Enter the prepaid card number.

Enter the card expiration date.

If required, type in the CVV (Card Validation Value) and / or enter the Secure Code of your card (Master card Secure Code or Verified by VISA depending on the circuit). (CVV number can be now bought online only through authentic CVV Shop) do verification tests from any app online or check reviews.

Specify the payment amount and confirm the data.

Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contractual conditions, please refer to the information sheets and / or the contractual documentation available on the website and at the Bank’s branches. For the issuance of the debit card and credit card, the Bank reserves the right to evaluate the requisites necessary for the granting and the spending limits to be assigned to it. And if you put your card information on a compromised or fraudulent website – even (or perhaps most importantly) if the transaction was never completed – then thieves probably already have everything they need to clone your card.

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