Psychologists assist their clients in dealing with emotional baggage. If you are awoken one morning feeling demotivated to work, socialize, and unable to conduct yourself meaningfully, and this feeling prolongs, you must consult a therapist. A therapist is a broad term that embodies psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors.

They specialize in talking therapy and help people in remodeling their mental health. It is a qualified body of individuals who occupy a master’s degree and are competent in their work line. They diagnose, assess, and treat mental health issues and disorders. But, they cannot prescribe medicines.

They collaborate with psychiatrists to do so. Psychotherapy in Bangalore specializes in aiding people by offering different modes of counseling.

Sometimes our friends and families cannot resonate with our situation and provide unbiased yet plausible advice. In such events, psychotherapy in Bangalore can provide meaningful insights that might change your perception and improve it. Most people are conflicting with self-loathe and low self-esteem.


1) Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) encourages people to change the way they think and further how they react. Its goal is cognitive restructuring in essence. During the process, they inspect an individual’s thoughts and actions. They aim to alter cognitive distortions and self-defeating behaviors.

Their goals are centered on assisting people and making adaptive instead of maladaptive appraisals.  Hundreds of studies underline the efficacy of Cognitive behavioral therapy. They can help treat PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, and substance abuse issues.

Its use is paramount in eliminating suicidal thoughts and increasing thoughts of hopelessness. By using the technique reappraisal or cognitive restructuring, they have helped many people. This type of therapy is suitable for people suffering from OCD, anxiety, phobias, and addiction.

2) Dialectical behavior therapy

It is an overarching type of CBT that equips people with the prowess of problem-solving, acceptance, and learning strategies. This type of therapy is fundamental for people dealing with self-harm, eating disorders, negative thought patterns, and borderline personality disorder.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy has significantly gained momentum over the years. It is designed to help patients cope up with PTSD and other traumas. They also aid anxiety and stress.

4) Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

MBCT falls under the CBT category. It uses mindfulness as a tool to encourage people in deciphering their thoughts and therefore gaining some perspective. Those suffering from depression and other health issues can seek counsel.

5) Psychoanalysis

It is slightly less common but has been around for many years. Psychoanalysis is an expensive mode of therapy that employs a unique method of helping their clients. They help the patient relax and enter a way of unconsciousness.

Then, they prepare a series of questions to understand the inner workings of their mind. It has been criticized repeatedly for its uniqueness and the fact that therapy is all about venting while you are lucid and aware. People suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem can benefit from this therapy.

6) Psychodynamic therapy

It follows a rudimentary process of discerning thoughts, feelings, life experiences, and recurring thought patterns. The therapist focuses on the past to understand how it affects your present. It can help those who are suffering from anxiety, grotesque behaviors, toxic mentalities, and destructive thoughts.


There are several techniques available to help people reduce their distress and confide in someone.

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