How to find the best online slot game

Are you tired of playing the same slot game every day? It is your lucky day because we just came up with a list of 4 slots that will blow your mind in terms of gameplay, payouts, RTP, and functionality. If you are one of those players who love to spice up a gambling session, these are the slots for you to try!

Best online slot-Goblin’s Cave

To find the best slots, you also need to know where to look for them, so it is very important for every player to find an online casino that offers them all the conditions they need to be able to play. Goblin’s Cave is one of the slots that completely exceeded the number of visits made by players and reached the top of the most played slots this year.

The game screen looks like it is coming from a science fiction movie, and if you are a fan of goblin mythology, you will finally have a slot that is able to introduce you directly to the world of these dubious creatures. The number of symbols you will rotate in each round is 9, placed very interactively on 3 reels and 3 lines. Although they have the power to generate only 3 paylines, the bets that can be placed on spins can be extremely high. What attracts a lot of players to the game screen is a special feature that helps you keep symbols on the screen for the next spins.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah can easily be the best online slot out there, but before we jump straight into the depths of the game, let us explain some of the best features this game can offer. Mega Moolah is one of the slots running on the famous Mega system. This means that the slot has a progressive jackpot that is constantly responsible for increasing to exorbitant amounts. Most of the time, the progressive jackpot in this slot reaches over 10 million euros.

The game screen in Mega Moolah is completely assaulted by jungle animals. The best paying symbols you can see here are Leo, Giraffe, Antelope, Elephant, and Bison. The screen is organized around drums and 5 lines of symbols. Above the reels are four progressive jackpot indicators that constantly give you information about the amounts that are accumulating.

Mega Moolah has four types of jackpots, from Mini to Mega. Each jackpot pays more and more. Are you ready for a fire session, that will take your profits to the roof?


Starburst is not only a slot provided by NetEnt, it is a true masterpiece that was able to change the development process for slots, forever. If you are looking for the best online slot in the world, Starburst may be that one. It is not a simple slot that you will play to win a profit, it is a real show hosted by your game screen. The symbols and special effects in this slot have gained a lot of ground over the other slot developers.

NetEnt is one of the most appreciated developers of such products, and this time, they made a real successful game. Starbursts is hosted by an atmosphere of space, where the symbols you will want to catch in the winning lines are gems and stars, and the 10 paylines will be on your side.

Gonzo`s Quest – The best online slot

For those who need a slot that guarantees a minimum of 15 paylines. Gonzo`s Quest is the slot that will assume this responsibility. The game screen seems to be detached from an ancient temple, and all the symbols are pieces of an infinite totem. The 20 paylines that are developed by the 5 reels have a fairly high payback capacity.

The slot has an RTP of 96.00%. If you have never encountered the notion of RTP, it means Return To Player, and the percentage is the value that will reach players from the total money invested in this slot. 96% is an incredibly good percentage that you should take advantage of. The number of payment lines is there to guarantee profit.

NetEnt has kept its old habits of taking slot development to a whole new level and has even changed the graphics on the player control panel. Now the spin buttons, which change the stake and the number of lines, are also hosted by an antique design.


We are sure that one of the slots that we have just presented to you has the fabric to become the best online slot for you. Remember that it is more important to choose a quality game developer and only then find a game to your liking. A reputable provider will never disappoint a passionate player.

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