How to make a Lego gun

My course of Lego gun manufacturing is fascinating, thrilling and yet achievable. It is best to use Duplo Legos which comes in a kit. Here is how I would like to assemble my gun.

First Stage: Lego gun/ handgun

Following Lego bricks are required for handgun

  • Bunch of 2×2
  • 2×8

This step is tranquil and swiftly achieved. You require the 2×2 bricks to start. Then you have to top it off with two more similar-sized bricks i.e. a total of three bricks of 2×2. Note the colour of 2×2 bricks would remain the same. Now top the 2×2 heap with 2×8. Now to make the bullet container, place 2×2 different coloured bricks behind the stack. The main body or handgun is complete here.

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Second Stage: Lego gun with holder

The assembly requires the sets of following Legos:

  • A bunch of 2×4
  • Few 2X2, 2×3
  • 2×8 plate

This technique is a little bit more technical than handgun assembling but the process is also quick. Firstly, put 2×4 brick behind 2×8 plate. After that top, it off with another 2×4 brick. Now create a heap of 2×2 bricks and attach them on either side of 2×8 plate.

Now again place 2×6 brick in the centre of the 2×2 heap which was created earlier. The 2×4 brick should be placed in a way that it will touch 2×6 so that it can be connected by topping a 2×3 brick.

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After that room 2×8 plate on the front side of 2×3 brick. That is how you achieve the base point of your gun. Now to maintain the steadiness of 2×8 brick place a 2×4 brick underneath 2×8. To make the front prominent add one more 2×4 brick on the first one. Now again top 2×4 brick with another 2×2 brick.

Now place one more 2×3 brick behind the first 2×3. Now add 2×2 brick behind on the Lego gun. Now lastly to create a handle a stack of four aligned 2×4 bricks are connected with the gun.

Third Stage: A Lego Sniper Rifle

The assembly requires the sets of following Legos

  • 2×1 bricks
  • Bunch of 2×2
  • Some 2×4
  • Bunch of 2×8
  • Bunch of 2×10

In order to create a rifle for the Lego gun, a heap of 2×2 bricks is created. Then this 2×2 stack is topped with 2×10 brick. Now put two studs from 2×2 on 2×10 brick. Now place a 2×8 plate on both 2×2 and 2×10 brick. Next, you need to get a 2×10 brick and centred its two studs between 2×8 and 2×10.

Now place another 2×8 plate under 2×10. Now place two more 2×1 bricks on top of the 2×8 place. Next top these 2×1 bricks with one more 2×4 brick, creating a cartridge. Now add another 2×4 plate in front of 2×10 which exists on the gun top.

Thus created a loader. Now lastly place another 2×4 brick with two 2×1 bricks on the sides which is the muzzle of the gun. This will give you a final gun-shaped toy.


The guidelines to make Lego guns, in general, are logical and feasible. However, we recommend going through two-three modules before starting the Lego gun assembling. This will not only make more sense in assembling but also be able to make the process more fascinating and informative for noobs or beginners.


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