How To Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

Costume jewellery is usually designed with longevity in mind. Although when jewellery made with various materials and manufacturing processes, this longevity can be anything but certain. It’s good to know, therefore, how to care for costume jewellery so that it stands the test of time. The following is a basic set of suggestions and measures to consider when caring for your jewellery.


This is probably one of the first things to cross your mind when you’re getting started. Gold jewellery is generally cheaper than some of the metals used to make it, but in addition to the cost, gold is the most susceptible to breakage in a dishwasher. If you’re putting them in your dishwasher (and if you are, we wish you luck), make sure to rinse them first.


Clothes can get treated with chemicals like washes, but jewellery comes with its own set of rules. Some pieces can be worn often and be broken in fairly easily, others can be delicate and more delicate objects can be worn all year round.

Some items are better suited to year-round wear and others will need to be stored for a while after you wear them (in fact, most jewellery needs to be air-dried if it doesn’t have a metal back). It’s up to you.


When you own a piece of jewellery, you’re essentially committing to a new lifestyle, or giving a piece of yourself to the world.

That commitment doesn’t just sit there, dormant, forever-bound to that special piece in your collection. It extends to your ongoing maintenance, as well as a special method of repair (if you’re a regular jewellery wearer).

Your jewellery is going to need a certain level of care, whether you wear it for work every day or you live a more casual life. The chances are it’s going to get caught in your jewellery tools, or scratched in your backpack (we get it) – and whatever you do, it’s going to get dirty. And the dirt is going to make it look worse.

It’s up to you how much you take care of your jewellery, but it’s an essential part of its character.


Yes, they are designed to be worn and loved and we all love wearing our statement pieces (especially if they’re nipped in), but a simple case of cleaning and oiling can keep our jewellery in top condition. Wear with proper care and you should have your jewellery for many years to come, with no signs of wear.


Many people associate wearing heirloom pieces with grief and death. Many people think it’s a sign of sophistication to pick things up off the dusty shelf, and wear them. However, the very act of wearing it for a long time will, in fact, preserve it (or help it to), and this helps to keep the wearer alive. You see, when we choose to wear something, we mark it, whether it’s a piece of jewellery, clothing or even a pair of shoes.

How long to keep jewellery in your jewellery box

Most of us probably don’t do enough to protect our jewellery from getting scratched or dirty. Look for clear, clear bags or cases (or simply wear the jewellery loose) so that it can breathe. If you do go for clear cases, ensure that your gold pieces are out of reach of children.

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