How to unlock iphone without passcode


Have you ever forgotten the password of your mobile phone? If yes, then you better know that how a person feels when he/she can’t access the phone. The mobile phone has become a necessity of life and it is hard to pass time without it. Not just for entertainment, it is also important for communication purposes. Without phones, it becomes hard for people to spend time. If you are an iPhone user then there is no other way through which you can unlock the iPhone without a passcode. Because of the extra layer of security applied by Apple. In this scenario, a question arises that how to unlock iPhone without passcode. Due to this reason, people always try to find some third-party tool to get the solution to this problem.


There are a lot of third party tools which can answer the query that how to unlock iphone passcode. Third-party tools are another issue and everyone can’t trust these tools. Due to the problem of hacking and phishing, people never trust these tools. In all these issues, Dr. Fone has not only provided the solution but they have also gained the trust of people related to security. Dr. Fone is providing the best third-party tool which helps in accessing the mobile phone without providing the passcode. Dr. Fone has provided the best answer to the question that how to unlock the iPhone passcode.


Following are the easiest steps through which any person can unlock the iPhone without a password:

  1. Launch the Dr. fone application on your laptop and select “Screen Unlock” from the given options
  2. Connect the iPhone with the laptop through the cable and then select “Unlock iOS Screen” from the menu
  3. Before moving forward, it is mandatory to boot the iPhone in Recovery and DFU mode as per the given instructions or steps on the Dr. Fone application screen. If you are still unable to activate the recovery mode by following these steps then click on the link given at the bottom which will guide you further than how to activate the DFU or recovery mode

4. Once the device is in recovery mode, Dr. Fone will show the information of the iPhone on the screen like the Device model and System Version. Most probably this information will be correct but if you feel that there is something wrong with the information then you can change it. After verifying the information, click on the download button to download firmware for your device.

5. Once the firmware will be downloaded, click on Unlock Now. It will start the process of unlocking the iPhone.

6. After a few seconds, your phone will be unlocked successfully and a success message will show up on the screen.

Please note that after a successful screen unlocks, this process will also erase the data of your phone. Because there is no other process to unlock the screen of the iPhone.

These are the simple steps of Dr. Fone through which users can unlock the iPhone without a password. Dr. Fone has made this by providing an easy solution to their users. Dr.Fone has provided the solution to all of these issues under one platform. Dr.Fone is one of the best products which are providing the solution of these issues under one umbrella. You don’t need to install multiple software to resolve each issue separately. Dr.Fone has grabbed this market with its user-friendly software. Their software is super user-friendly. Look at the screenshots provided above. All the steps are well explained. Even when a user has to activate the recovery mode, Dr. Fone has provided the steps with images so that the user can easily understand the steps. Due to these user-friendly solutions, Dr. Fone has gained the trust of the users. Following are the other main features of Dr. Fone:


Following are the main features of the Dr.Fone:

  • Recover deleted data from the iOS or Android phone
  • Transfer WhatsApp Messages between the iPhone and Android phones
  • Backup WhatsApp messages and use the data at anytime
  • Unlock the iPhone’s Locked screen or Apple ID
  • Permanently erases data from your phone.

These features have made Dr.Fone one of the best solutions available in the market to handle any operation related to WhatsApp messages.

Final Words

These features have made Dr. Fone a state-of-the-art product. Dr. Fone is providing the solution to multiple problems under one platform. Due to these qualities, Dr. Fone has also gained the trust of its users. People trust Dr. fone while giving access to their phones. Never user reported any issue related to the security of Dr. Fone. We all need a solution like this in our daily life. From taking the backup of data of Whatsapp to unlocking the iPhone, Dr fone is providing these user-friendly solutions under one platform. Users do not need to download and install multiple software for their problems. They can easily get the solutions to these routine life issues through Dr. Fone.

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