How to Wear the Bohemian Look

The bohemian look is decidedly relaxed and natural in long floral dresses and trousers, airy blouses, and leather sandals. It draws its origins both from the idea we have of the gypsy people in the 19th century and from the hippie movement of the 1960s. Freedom, nonconformism, sobriety, romanticism are all values ​​carried by this style. And they are also expressed through the dress look.

Bohemian fashion has never deserted the wardrobes, but it was brought back to the fore in the 90s in a “chic” version, a “boho” style perfectly assumed by stars such as Vanessa Paradis, Sienna Miller, or the Olsen sisters. The style is still loved by many to date.

Visit for an idea of the best bohemian dress. You can make good use of an online stylist or online fashion magazines to know the latest trending fashion how to stand out in various outfits. There are certain platforms with an online personal stylist who can guide you on matters of fashion. If you are not into the bohemian look, you can try other outfits like maxi skirts, midi dresses, or even next petite skirts.

The Bohemian Outfit, the Ultimate Hippie Look

To adopt a bohemian outfit, there are some iconic pieces to favor. The elephant-leg pants are an essential piece, but you can replace them with a slightly more modern version, boot cut, or flare jeans, for example. It is worn with heels or wedges, which will have the advantage of slimming the leg and stretching the silhouette. To highlight these high-waisted pants, you can associate them with a floral shirt that you have bloused or tied on the stomach. Tunics adorned with pearls and embroidery are also welcome.

The long bohemian dresses are also part of the basics of this style. You should choose them ample, vaporous, airy, romantic, and light. They go perfectly with this fragrance of freedom inherited from the hippies. The patterns are floral, ethnic, Mexican, Indian and cover the entire fabric. This one is natural: cotton, silk, muslin, wool, leather, suede and is adorned with lace, fringes, embroidery. You should, therefore, adopt a nicely retro and vintage style.

Skirts and petticoats are also ideal, as are denim shorts. On the color side, favor natural shades: white, ivory, ocher, brown …

On An Air of Bohemian Chic

The bohemian chic look will be more sophisticated. Rather than flared jeans, you can choose fitted pants in brown velvet. The little white romantic nightie dress, short with lace, will also give this very trendy feminine and relaxed look. The silk tunic can be worn with short shorts or swapped for a playsuit. The boho outfit is, therefore, a little more on the reserve than the natural bohemian look. You should forget the “peace & love” patterns, tie & dye, and large seventies tapestry-style flowers and favor liberty prints, silk, and airy outfits.

The Essential Accessories

Looks are often defined by choice of accessories. And sometimes, they are self-sufficient and manage to define a style. If you don’t want to adopt a total bohemian look, a simple accessory will give you that cool and relaxed air dear to hippies.

You should adopt ethnic jewelry, hoops, braided bracelets adorned with pearls, feathers, colored stones for a bohemian outfit. These different ornaments are also found in clothes and shoes. Hippies went barefoot, but sandals, gladiator sandals, clogs, and other barefoot, preferably leather, are welcome. Hair jewelry is also very much on trend, like headbands. You can also tie a scarf to your hair. Glasses are also one of the essential accessories of the boho range; round, fly, in wood, colored. The handbags are adorned with fringes, feathers, and pearls and are available in wicker fabric, crochet.

On the hairstyle side, bohemian fashion is with loose hair, fuzzy braids, low ponytails. This natural look is also recommended for makeup.

Wearing a Bohemian Dress for Summer

The long bohemian dress is trendy and is very popular in summer as well as in autumn. It gives a modern bohemian chic look and hippie chic at the same time. It goes perfectly with open shoes, boots, or high shoes and can be accessorized with a wide-brimmed hat, a headband, or even trendy sunglasses.

In summer, you can opt for a long bohemian dress with ¾ sleeve or with flared sleeves, pagoda style. Both ample and light, you will appreciate it for its originality and its way of differentiating yourself at the beach, at a cocktail party, or a restaurant. It is important not to overload your outfit. Remember that the bohemian dress is about simplicity and lightness.

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