HUAWEI Earphone/FreeBuds Benefits and Uses

(Huawei FreeBuds Test – In-ear headphones with an ANC look like)

The Huawei FreeBuds and earphones is button earphones equipped with an active noise reduction system. This marriage may seem surprising. We tell you if it has a future in our test. In this article we are introducing huawei earphones price and Freebuds uses and both of these our recommended products which are available on our online store. You can purchase these by clicking on the highlighted link. The aearphones are available is very cheap price in just 109.00R. You can read its specification from our website. You may visit there. Read below about earphones and freebuds;

Huawei FreeBuds – Earphons Ergonomics and design

The FreeBuds 4 take the form of their predecessors. These wireless headphones are not in-ear as most manufacturers offer. Huawei retains a button format. They have the particularity of not having a silicone tip that penetrates the ear canal. It makes them very comfortable to wear over time, especially since they are very light. They weigh only 4.1g each. Their shape could make you think that they are not really suitable for sport. Absolutely not, they are IPX4 certified and hold very well in the hollow of the ear. You will be able to go for a run without any problem. The charging case is also a featherweight with 38 g on the scale. Thanks to its oval and flat shape, it slips into any pocket. The headphones are available in white and gray. We have received the gray model. Note that the headphones are shiny and the case is matt. It does not mark fingerprints.

Installation and controls

Huawei has still not regained the right to use Google services, so the installation requires a little more manipulation than usual. You must install the Huawei AI Life application to pair the headphones with your smartphone. The application available on the PlayStore is no longer updated so you have to go and find it on the Huawei AppGallery. Start by installing the Huawei store through their site only. You will then have access to the latest version of AI Life which integrates FreeBuds 4. To pair the headphones, press the button on the side of the box. It is very discreet and can easily be missed. The detection will be done in a few seconds. FreeBuds are ready to use. The AppGallery can be uninstalled if you no longer need it. The AI ​​Life App gives you access to a few settings including the customization of commands. They are limited but we don’t need more. The headphones have the same functions by default, but it can be changed. Two taps allow you to answer a call and hang up, play a song and pause, skip to the next song, or activate the voice assistant. A swipe up or down manages the volume. A long press activates or deactivates the ANC. These gestures are intuitive and easy to perform thanks to the large touch-sensitive area that covers the stems of the headphones.

Audio quality

The spatial effect is very marked. Voices and treble stand out. They take the upper hand slightly without crushing the very present bass. The latter sometimes seem a little deaf but overall the headphones produce an enveloping sound with a sense of power. The FreeBuds 4 delivers a sound that will flatter most ears but lacks a bit of body. The AI ​​Life app offers a few tweaks. There is no real equalizer but options to manage the sound quality with bass or treble boost. We advise you to stay with the default settings. In either case, they completely distort the sound and the songs become inaudible. The FreeBuds 4 incorporate an active noise reduction system. The ANC compensates for their button shape which deprives them of additional passive insulation. Huawei announces a smart noise reduction system that adapts to the in-ear shape of your ear. It then chooses from a variety of noise cancellation modes to decrease low frequency sounds. Initially, activating this option gives more breadth to the sound. In terms of its effectiveness, the ANC quickly shows its limits. You will hear very weakly a person speaking to you in an office, but they will not be able to silence the traffic noise in the street. It remains perfectly audible. The ANC will not be able to do more despite its intelligence. The headphones are more efficient for calls thanks to its microphones and HD quality sound that can be activated in the app. They reduce background noise and restore a clear voice. The Huawei FreeBuds 4 includes another interesting option. It is possible to connect them to two devices at the same time and switch between them.


Huawei talks about 4 hours of battery life in audio playback. This is without counting on the ANC which very quickly shows itself essential. Under these conditions, you should rather count on 2.5 hours of autonomy or less if you also use them for voice calls. The 30mAh batteries included in the headphones can’t get any better. It is not enough. Fortunately the box comes to their rescue. With ANC enabled, the earbuds will charge in less than an hour. You have to wait a full hour for the box. This is compatible with induction charging.

What we think

The Huawei FreeBuds has qualities that are unfortunately swept away by certain disabling weaknesses. We appreciate their button shape and their comfort. It is strength but it is far from being a good point for insulation. It is almost non-existent in a noisy environment. These ruins all the efforts of the ANC which yet shows its potential in a quieter space by suppressing all distant noise other positive points include a more than correct sound quality which does not lack power and the multipoint mode. That’s why we are recommending earphones.

The low autonomy once again tilts the balance in the other direction

In the end, the Huawei FreeBuds is simple and pleasant to use but the ANC which could have been its strength is not there as is the autonomy. There is also currently a pack with a Huawei Band 6 connected bracelet for the same price. Click on the upper link to purchase the pack.

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