Natural Skincare for a Healthy and Flawless Skin

There are plenty of reasons to switch to natural skincare replacing products using potentially harmful synthetic chemicals. Following a perfect natural skincare routine can address your skin care issues without causing any side effects. With increased awareness among conscious consumers, a wide range of natural skincare products is available in the market. Natural skincare is not limited to women’s beauty. In addition, there is a range of natural men’s skincare products to choose from as well.

Everything about Natural Skincare

Products that contain natural ingredients primarily or products made only using natural ingredients are called natural products. They don’t contain preservatives; they are cruelty-free, free from harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. When you include all-natural products into your daily skin routine, it’s called natural skincare.

Natural Skincare for Different Skin Types

As mentioned before, there is a vast range of natural skincare products available in the market. There are products for all skin types, age groups, and men and women. Let us look at a variety of natural products that you can use depending on your skin type.

For Oily skin


Natural cleansers can effectively remove dirt, grime and excess oil from skin without disturbing the pH balance. You should start your daily skincare routine with a mild cleanser. Choose a cleanser that has fruit acids, tea or coffee extracts, neem, sandalwood etc. It will clean your pores and will remove dirt while giving your skin a fresh and rejuvenated feel.


You should exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week. Look for a natural exfoliator containing walnut, apricot, orange peel, oatmeal et al.


Oily skin tends to develop enlarged pores, especially in the T-zone. Apply a mild toner to tighten your pores & maintain the pH balance. Use a toner that contains rose water, tea tree extracts, green tea, turmeric, etc. Toners are great oil balancers.


Use a serum. Serums work well for oily skin. It repairs and hydrates your skin. For example, serums containing green tea & vitamin C are perfect for oily skin.


Of course, you’re worried about your face becoming too oily, but skipping the moisturiser doesn’t do any good. Moisturisers form a protective layer over your skin and prevent moisture loss from its surface. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier that protects your skin from various external damages. Look for moisturisers that contain aloe vera, honey, grape seed oil, and cucumber. And finish your routine with a well-balanced sunscreen that suits your skin type.

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For Dry Skin


Your first step should be choosing a hydrating cleanser. If you want a cleanser that does not dehydrate skin, watch out for the ingredients. Look for a natural cleanser that contains coconut, milk, olive oil, honey, goat’s milk and natural oil, nut butter etc.


Many toners use alcohol as the main ingredient, which dries out the skin. If you want a natural alternative to the same, look for an alcohol-free toner with active ingredients that restore your skin’s pH levels. We love patchouli, cedarwood, and rose for dry skin.

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An excellent natural moisturiser will lock in the benefits of a serum. If you have dry skin, use a moisturiser that contains aloe vera, flower extracts, berries, vitamin E and plant butter. You should use it every day to get better results.

Finish your skincare routine with a hydrating sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh UV rays that damage skin.

For Combination Skin


It’s essential to remove any build-up that occurs overnight. Use a natural cleanser that contains the goodness of lemon or orange peels or fruits like papaya and strawberry.

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Toner removes any oil that your cleanser didn’t and balances your skin’s pH levels. Make sure to grab an alcohol-free toner. A toner that contains aloe vera, rose water, green tea and essential oils can be a great choice.


Serums, or treatments, hydrate and protect your skin. It’s best to opt for a serum with ingredients that are rich in Vitamin C.


With combination skin, you’ll want two moisturisers. For dry areas, choose a creamy formula with shea butter, aloe vera, oats, essential oils, etc. Choose a lightweight, water-based formula and ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea etc., for the oily parts of your skin.


Choose a lightweight formula with at least SPF 30.

For acne

Using a good serum that contains ingredients rich in Vitamin C, lemon, neem, tea tree oil can help.

If you are looking forward to going all-natural with your skin, it’s imperative to understand your skin’s needs. So choose the products and the ingredients accordingly and read the labels carefully. Once you have done that, you will enjoy flawless skin within no time.

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