Nonprofit Social Media Targeting Guide: How To Identify & Attract Your Target Donors

Nonprofits can connect with many current and potential supporters on social media. It is often necessary to draw on data through nonprofit database integration software to take the most effective approach to promoting an organization on any channel. Groups that require Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce integration software can find out how to use data from either system to identify and attract specific donors.

Use the Analytics Available Within Each Social Media Platform to Identify Your Donors

Every social media platform has resources for nonprofits. Depending on an organization’s presence on a channel, it may be possible to receive demographic breakdowns of followers. These analytics are independent of the resources included in constituent relationship management online survey software, but can be useful for supplementing and segmenting donor profiles.

Whether an organization runs Salesforce Blackbaud or any other CRM, the analytics available on social media platforms may be a valuable supplement to data stored in donor records. The right integration solution can make it possible to import and export data across platforms and enrich centralized records with useful information for targeting donors.

Use the Same Language Your Donors Use

An organization that speaks the same language as donors is more likely to communicate in ways that lead to ongoing support. This is an area in which segmentation can be useful. For example, you may prefer to direct custom appeals toward older and younger supporters. It may also be helpful to use communication methods that appeal to these supporters, such as email or text messages.

The language an organization uses to communicate on social media may also vary based on the platform. Nonprofits may find it useful to come up with hashtags that can be used to categorize and track posts and promote social media marketing campaigns on certain channels. Other platforms may reward the use of similar terms or mentions through trending algorithms. Increased visibility in search results is another important benefit of speaking the same language on social media sites indexed for internal or external searches.

Use Donor Data In Targeted Appeals

The data that an organization draws from social media and other sources can be used to make targeted appeals across channels. Whether fundraisers make giving requests over the phone, via mail or email or on social media, the information that is drawn from these next-generation sources can inform conventional fundraising methods or social media campaigns.

Donors and potential supporters tend to willingly provide a lot of useful data on social media. Organizations can draw information about supporters and supporter networks, including data that may lead to new donors or prove useful for identifying participants in matching donation programs.

This guide suggests ways to identify and connect with donors across platforms through targeted appeals. In order to generate the most useful data, organizations can work from within platforms, integration software that connects platforms or mine for data on social media. Paying close attention to the tools made available on each platform, the popularity of a channel among supporters and the ways that supporters use social media is essential to effective targeting.

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