Part Time Maid Or Full Time Maid in Singapore?

For most expats in Singapore, a full time maid service is a much more cost effective option than an hourly cleaning service or domestic helper. However, is this the case everywhere in Singapore? The answer is a resounding yes! Whether you are in a residential area, or just a cosmopolitan area, maids in Singapore can be found and hired easily.


Some maids charge by the hour while others charge by the day. Prices usually vary depending on the experience of the maid and the employer as well as on the size of the home or establishment. However, if you are looking for a full time maid, rates start at $32 per hour. A weekend maid is charged the same price as a full time professional. Full-time home care is charged on a monthly basis.

Types of Maids

There are two types of maids in Singapore: domestic maids and commercial housekeepers. Domestic maids are professionally trained to clean and cook for their employers. Commercial housekeepers generally have less education and work for private individuals or restaurants. When hiring a maid or a housekeeper in Sihanui, you must ensure that the individual you are hiring is legal, age-appropriate, and able to work within your particular set up.

If you are not sure what type of maid or housekeeping services you need, you can simply go online and check out online classified sites. Some popular websites include Craigs List and E Online. By utilizing the Internet, you are bound to find a variety of listing available. With this resource, you are also bound to find qualified professionals who are fully trained and able to work with your schedule and budget.

Individual Maid

If you want to hire an individual maid, you may want to talk to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. When hiring a professional, you can even ask them if they can recommend someone. It is important to look into references, and you should ask about previous jobs, references, and experiences of the maid you are interested in. The better you know the maids, the better you will be able to care for her properly.


Before hiring a maid, you also have to consider her work preferences. If she only wants to help clean up her own home, then she might not be suited for your home cleaning service. Similarly, if she is only willing to clean up her own bathroom, then she may not be the best candidate for your home cleaning service. For safety and comfort, you must carefully assess the needs of your maid before hiring her for the job.

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