Patio doors: Designs, benefits, and features

Patio doors are simple home doors that connect your internal living spaces to the external compound. Patio doors can also be called sliding glass doors. They are a great way to create a good opening in the house. They can be used to let in fresh air and light. With your patio doors, you can simply bring the joys of going outdoors into your internal living spaces. This means that you will not need an extension or conservatory.

Why put patio doors in homes?

People use patio doors in their houses to help improve the value, looks, and security of their homes. The doors can also be used to improve the quality of life for a family. With such doors, you bring the joys of outer space into your living areas. This way you get more fresh air, more natural lighting, and enough outdoor living space. There are a lot of people whose houses get hot in the summer. Instead of opting for an air conditioning system, they can easily cool off their homes by installing a patio door.

Patio doors: Types and styles

There are three main types of patio doors. They are the Bi-fold, the sliding, and the French doors. Most patio doors have between 2 and 4 glass panes that are fixed on a track system.

Types of patio doors

The French patio door: These are usually two doors and are used for small openings. The doors slide open from its centre to create a wide and free space. A lot of glazing types are used for these types of patio doors.

The sliding patio door: This type of patio door have between 2 and 3 glass panels that simply slide open while one glass panel remains. The sliding patio doors are not designed to open either in or out. They have tracks that make them slide sideways and go behind the door frame. They come with an elaborate design that means that they are not forcedly shut by the wind. Sliding doors are used to get maximum uninterrupted views of the surrounding outdoor areas.

The Bi-fold patio door: These are the latest type of sliding doors to be produced. Bi-fold patio doors are comprised of between 3 and 5 doors that fold back on each other. They can be used to cover up a large opening, to act as though there are no barriers demarcating the indoor living space with outdoors.

Benefits of patio doors

If you ever need to buy patio doors for your home project, think about the benefits that you can get for your home.

1)  A large panoramic view: Most patio doors are known for their ability to be used in a very wide area. Patio doors can help you have a very large opening at the front of the house to let in the fresh air, sunlight, and heat when it is needed.

2)  Total security: All patio doors engineered by German manufacturers are commonly known for their security. They come with robust aluminium frames that can be reinforced with a strong lock system.

3)  Easy maintenance: Relatively compared to other door systems out there, patio doors are easy to maintain. If you have good quality patio doors, you only need to keep them in good condition by simply wiping down the doors.

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